Great news beauty geeks! Jane Cosmetics re-launched its line in 500 stores and will be launching at Khols stores in September then later expanding to Stage department store chains.

Available on and Jane Cosmetics, the iconic beauty brand is back and better than ever with the highest quality formulas in a variety of beautiful new shades to choose from. After filing for bankruptcy and near-liquidation, Lynn Tilton is bringing back the 1990's drugstore phenomenon.

Sticking with the theme "that true beauty comes from giving back and that confidence comes in many colors," the new packaging displays the faces of "The Friends of Jane." These "friends" are real, culturally diverse women who are truly giving back to their communities and impacting the world in their effort for change. 

Kristen Chocek who started out as a mentee is now the Head Life Coach at Two Wings Charity. Kristen's mission is to give women the help and support they need to reach their potential and aim for higher goals than the ones they thought possible.

Tammy Tibbetts is also one of "The Friends of Jane," as founder and president of "She's the First" charity,Tibbetts soon launched, an online directory of organizations that collect and distribute prom dresses to girls in need.

These women featured on the site are pure inspirations and Tilton has created a line that not only empowers women to be confident but it also helps them to explore their courage and be socially conscious.

The beauty brand is an Estee Lauder orphan that was sold by the beauty giant to various private-equity firms before withering into financial woes. With no other offers on the table for the failing company, Tilton bought Jane four years ago for less than $10 million.

The mogul calls the Jane brand a "labor of love." Tilton named herself chief executive in January, making Jane one of the many companies she heads up. The CEO has said that she has worked "harder than humanly possible" to revamp Jane Cosmetics.

Replacing cheap products that once drove beauty gurus away, Tilton says the new Jane products will feature a stain-gloss that adapts its color to the pH levels in the wearer's skin. Basically a gloss that is made for you? Sounds like a must try!

So with Jane Cosmetics returning to the shelves will you be checking out products from the newly revamped collection? Let us know your thoughts below.