Ready for a throwback? No, it's not Thursday yet, but the trend towards retro makeup is in full effect, so why not try it?

Who doesn't love reenacting the fabulously beautiful trends of days gone by? From the eye-popping drama of Greta Garbo during the silent film era, the understated glam of Grace Kelly, or the femme fatale beauty of Elizabeth Taylor and Bridgette Bardot, every classic look is up for grabs!

Celebrity makeup artist, Katie Robinson agrees. "This season, we're seeing the resurgence of lots of retro trends - but updated with a modern twist," she explained. "Whether grunge or mod, most of these trends lend themselves to experimental eyeliner, which is so fun! Experimenting with various styles of liner can take your look from the everyday to the exotic."

In many of our classic Throwback Thursday stories, eyeliner is always a signature way in which the divas of era gone by, have defined their style and signature makeup looks. From the strict top lash line style of Lana Turner, to the super dramatic wings of Diahann Carroll, or the drawn on lashes Twiggy sported, eyeliner can take you back in makeup time as far as you wanna go.

Looking for a liner to use? Katie recommends Covergirl. "The Ink It! Perfect Point Plus Eye Liner is a great product to get you that perfect line, every time," she explained. "Use it to draw a precise cat eye or smudge it before it dries for a rebellious '90s look." In addition to this $7 essential, Katie says top your looks off clump-free lashes by using Clump Crusher by LashBlast Mascara, available for just under $10.

And not to be outdone, what's a great makeup look without equally fabulous hair? Celebrity hair stylist, Jennifer Brent has a few additional tips to keep in mind for achieving those retro tresses. "My favorite retro look this season is the glam side sweep ala Veronica Lake," Brent said. "For bombshell waves, use a fat barrel curling iron or wand and curl away from your face. After curling each section, gently tug on the curl until it cools for a loose, wavy look."

As for the finishing touch for many retro hairstyles, keeping your locks in place is a must. Whether you're rocking the Lucille Ball or the teased to perfection look of Charo, you're gonna need hairspray. Jennifer recommended two styling products that can help seal your throwback into stylish time warp place. "Finish with Pantene's Anti-Humidity Maximum Hold Hairspray for $7, and All-in-One Styling Balm for $6. They're great holding tools with lots of shine when applied to a deep side part or big waves," she told us. Who knew going back in time could be so simple!

What era of hair and makeup do you love to rock? Tell us with a note below!