Betsey always knows how to put on a sick fashion show, cartwheels and all, and this Spring 2014 collection was no different. Check out the eye-popping images straight from the runway in the slideshow above.

Complete with teased-beyond-belief pink hair (yes, pink hair), blinged out lips, hoop earrings, full brows, and metallic eyeshadows, the models' looks definitely went all out! This look is on trend and also ahead of the curve, keeping true to the popularity of metallics for both nails and eyes, while still adding a totally twisted take on this latest facial fad.

Makeup artist, Sarah Lucero lead the glam team who styled the models for Johnson's latest showing. Based on her interview with BeautyPress, it's clear she drew from tons of inspiration to create this unique look. Sarah described the look as, "Bridgette Bardot meets Marilyn Mason, Fembot- very futuristic beauty. Plastic skin, lots of silver to match the accessories," she said. "When I saw the wig I was like okay, how can we tie this all together? Its Tim Burtonish mixed with Barbarella beauty. It's a futuristic 60's look."

Wanna rip this fantastical runway look? Lucero's beauty breakdown makes it super easy.  The skin of the models was kept very dewy and illuminated, with lips, eyes, and hair as the main focal point. "I used a silver pencil from Stila, did the entire lip with that and used a metal shine to give a glossy and wet look," Lucero explained. She then used lots of glitter eyeliner on the lip as well, mixing and matching the two to create the dramatic effect. Translation, pour on the sparkle!

Betsey went big with the hair too. Using the REDKEN hair care line, lead hairstylist, Rodney Cutler dubbed it, "Betsey bubble gum hair."  "The wig is her favorite color- pink. We left the 80's curl in the wig to leave it fun and editorial," he explained. "We backcombed it, added dry texture to it to expand the wig and tied in knots and that's what makes it looks like Alice in the wonderland." Now knots and teasing to the extreme might be a bit much for your own hair, but have at it with a fun pink, blonde, or brunette wig for a little fun!

For nails, models rocked tin foiled talons that added even more shine to the runway. Using Morgan Taylor nail products, Danielle Cadido led the mani-pedi brigade. "Betsey was looking for a departure from what she's been doing which is tips. We tried to match the makeup, which is a silver foiled lip," she said. "We combined three colors You Could Have Foiled Me, and then a layer of Adorned in Diamonds adding a little pink to it, with The Sweetest Thing is the last sparkly effect on tip of the nail."

As for the makeup and nail trends we will be seeing this spring? Sarah says it's all about eyeliners. "Lots of eyeliners in place of shadow to make the impact. Eyeliners in different colors to create an ombre look on the eye. There are a lot of earthy colors you find in the elements that are on trend like blue, sandy colors." Sarah confirmed that pastels will also again be popular, set off beautifully with an otherwise neutral palette. Nails will be blinged out with nail art, but softened with pastel polishes that dry to a matte finish.

Bestey never disappoints!

Check out the entire fashion show in the fun video below and let us know what you think of this runway look.