This week we honor classic beauty, Twiggy, as our Throwback Thursday.

Still in New York Fashion Week mode, we decided to honor one of the most iconic faces in the industry to ever grace a magazine. This cutely boyish, big eyed girl from London quickly became recognized as the symbol for the swinging sixties mod scene back in the day. Nicknamed "Sticks" as a kid, Twiggy would acquire her more popular name by the time she became a teenager, just in time for her launch as a full-fledged star.

Twiggy's short hair, bold eye makeup, and super slim frame made her every fashion magazine's dream. Gracing Elle and Vogue to name a small few, Twiggy soon became much more than a model and morphed into a brand. With her own Barbie doll, roles in films, and even a line of Twiggy false eyelashes; this model was one of the first to parlay her runway success into a larger business.

What made Twiggy so cool? Well one look at her and its clear. Twiggy was the queen of the 1960s mod era. Known for their music and style of dress, Twiggy embodied the movement, and without a glam squad or professional makeup artist on call to help either. 

"I've done my own eye make-up since I was 14 and in my mod phase," Twiggy explained in an article she wrote for the Daily Mail.  "It was a very specific look, heavy round the eyes. I'd mess about with eyeblack - a pot of solid black liner mixed with a bit of spit on the end of a fine brush. I wanted smoky eyes like the 1930s screen goddesses."

Twiggy obviously loved to go for the drama. Her lashes are coated to the max, with small bottom lashes even drawn on for added emphasis. But just how did she do it? 

"Back then I was layering three pairs of false eyelashes over my own and would paint extra 'twigs' on my skin underneath. The final touch was blocking out my lips with pancake. When I started modeling I would set the alarm for 90 minutes before I had to leave, as it took that long to apply the make-up. It was so therapeutic and such fun."

Stealing Twiggy's majorly mod swag is easy. Swoop a dark smoky shadows into the crease of the lid, thickly line top and bottom lashes with black eyeliner, and pour on the mascara. Falsies will create head-turning flair, but if its a modern daytime look you're after, skip this step and instead of drawing on bottom lashes, use your mascara wand to add softer emphasis here.

If you're down to try this look, you're just as fearless a makeup maven as Twiggy. "For some women, the idea of wearing make-up fills them with fear, but it's a good way to draw attention to your best features," Twiggy explained. "At the very least, mascara can open up the eyes and add depth to your face." We couldn't agree more!

Check out this fun Twiggy makeup tutorial and let us know if you'll be trying this mod look on for size by dropping s a note below.