This week we honor classic beauty, Twiggy, as our Throwback Thursday.

Still in New York Fashion Week mode, we decided to honor one of the most iconic faces in the industry to ever grace a magazine. This cutely boyish, big eyed girl from London quickly became recognized as the symbol for the swinging sixties mod scene back in the day. Nicknamed "Sticks" as a kid, Twiggy would acquire her more popular name by the time she became a teenager, just in time for her launch as a full-fledged star.

Twiggy's short hair, bold eye makeup, and super slim frame made her every fashion magazine's dream. Gracing Elle and Vogue to name a small few, Twiggy soon became much more than a model and morphed into a brand. With her own Barbie doll, roles in films, and even a line of Twiggy false eyelashes; this model was one of the first to parlay her runway success into a larger business.