Our music video countdown continues! We're profiling our Top 10 list of songs whose visual appeal has made them worthy of the Beauty World News archives. Whether for makeup inspiration of for just plain fun, check out these catchy tunes and their cool visuals every Monday and let us now what you think by leaving us a note. Click here if you missed #10, #9, or #8.

#7 - Joan Jett in I Hate Myself for Loving You and I Love Rock 'n' Roll

This rocker goddess is so badass we couldn't pick just one video. Considered to be one of the most influential women in rock music, Joan Jett is a living legend who has not only topped the charts with instant classic songs, but she is also the first women to own her own independent record company. Her amazing story was even made into a movie starring actress Kristen Stewart called The Runaways. Dominating in a male dominated industry, however, Joan has still honed a signature look, proving rock can do beauty and still kick butt.

What isn't there to love about Jett's hair and makeup in these throwback videos? Joan is all about her music, but her swag speaks for itself. The rocker queen's shaggy haircut from the 80's has become one of the most iconic, as well as one of the most requested styles in salons everywhere. The cut framed Joan's face beautifully and her brunette tresses played up her fair skin and rebel persona.

And what female front woman can go without a little makeup? What we love about Joan Jett's look is its play on minimal makeup that still brings the drama. The star's skin is super fair, even, and flawless. The real color is around the eyes smoked and smudged out to rocker imperfection. Get this look by lining both the tops and bottoms of the lash lines and water lines with black eyeliner. This is an 80's oldie but goodie look. The smokey eye is still in just as much as Joan's music videos, which have over 10 million hits on YouTube. Time to get smokin'!

Joan is proof that a classic haircut and playing up simply one facial feature can rise above trends and become timeless. Check out Jett's fierce look in two of her legendary music videos below, along with a tutorial for inspiration from The Runaways movie.