Another week, another music video! Last week, we began our new list for our Top Makeup in a Music Video Countdown with #10. Who hasn't watched their favorite stars belt out a catchy new song and wonder how they could snag some of that eye-catching makeup? We've picked out 10 music video moments with tons of beauty inspiration, so let the countdown continue!

#9 - I'm Just A Girl by No Doubt

Don't you just love this classic 90's track from the legendary rock group, No Doubt? The song is considered an anthem for girl power, with its satirical play on words authored by the one and only rocker chic blonde, Gwen Stefani.

A pop culture star and beauty icon, who can deny this girl's gorgeous good looks? Having gone on to an amazing solo career, wed a hunky rock star husband, debut hit fragrances, an awesome clothing line, and now nail polish, Stefani is a smokin' hot success.

But back in 1995, the budding bombshell was simply a new blonde on the mainstream music scene with a song. I'm Just A Girl became a hit, inspired by Gwen's real life. That same year Stefani explained that it was her father who sparked the idea for the track, after he became mad at Gwen for driving home late from her boyfriend’s house. “I wouldn’t trade (being female), but I really don’t think guys understand what a burden it can be sometimes,” said the star.

In the video, Gwen sings about the social restrictions often placed on women, venting her frustrations. What makes the video so cool is Stefani's swag. She's the only girl in a rock group (rare at the time) and flaunts a tomboy style that still leaves plenty of room for fierce hair and makeup.

These early No Doubt days are when Gwen made her blonde hair and bold red lipstick her true signature. The star does pinup to perfection with old school blonde waves at the start of the track, and a classic high ponytail by song's end. Gwen's brows are super thin, accented with a jewel at the center. And who can ignore the star's stunning winged eyeliner?

With this video set in a ladies' bathroom, there are plenty of hair and makeup cameos for us to get inspired by. Check out the video below to see why it made our list and check out the fun Gwen Stefani makeup tutorial too. Let us know what you think with a note below and look out for our next video pick next week!