Counting down some of the best makeup to appear in a music video is a win-win. After getting tips on how to recreate this beauty, rock out to the song and watch the artist belt out their hit in the video we always include below. If you've missed any of our countdown so far, check out who came in at #10 and #9.

#8 - Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera

Remember this chart topper? Who can forget this trendy track? The new millennium remake of this hit from the 1970's earned a top spot on the billboard. The song which featured Aguilera, Pink, Mya, and rapper Lil' Kim earned the artists a 2001 Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals and Video Of The Year at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards.

This racy song has been a hit with audiences for years. Originally sung by Pattie Labelle and the Blue Belles, the song's lyrics pay homage to the women of the night in New Orleans. Working as prostitutes and living in the French District, these women dressed and rocked their makeup in the image of over the top cabaret dancers, a genre which began originally in Paris, France.

Popular since it's debut during the 1920's, cabaret dancers are known for super sexy costumes, with some reminiscent of can-can dancers and others full of lace, thigh high stockings bras, corsets, bustiers, and lingerie.

Makeup is worn like a real life performer, bold and bright enough to see from every corner of the theater while the star is on stage. Foundation is pale and packed on. Eyes are adorned in bright bold shades that are smoked out with a touch of black, liner that wings out, and sparkling jewel adornments. Lips are dark and sexy, sometimes accented with a drawn on beauty mark.

This sexy music video earns a spot on our list for taking this look over the top. Check out the bold color swag each diva offers up. Christina's lashes are even tricked out with their own bling! And who can miss the hair?! From red to pink to teased out blonde, this fierce foursome was born ready for their on camera close up.

Check out the looks in the music video below and watch the fun tutorial on how to become a modern-day Lady Marmalade yourself. Leave us note if you remember this throwback track!