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To Shave Or Not To Shave: Armpit Survey Asks Women Their Thoughts
From Madonna's armpit hair selfie and Cameron Diaz' comments on a woman's right to skip the deo, to the pulled Veet 'don't risk dudeness' adverts, female body hair is now officially a news topic. We're so used to looking for ways to remove body hair, that Madonna's armpit selfie and the commen...
How To Shape Eyebrows: Do's and Don'ts You Need To Know
Before you can design the best brow for you, you should consider your face shape, your eye shape, and your personal style. Check out these must have how-to tips courtesy of BeautyPress and click through the slideshow for visual examples of celebs to base your personal look off of. Happy shaping! ...
'The Other Woman' Star Cameron Diaz Becomes Shoe Designer for 'Pour la Victoire,' Pulls a Sarah Jessica Parker Move
Cameron Diaz is now the artistic director for shoe label Pour la Victoire, according to Women's Wear Daily.
How to Get Great Legs: Dr. Navarro Tells All
When we heard the most requested legs that patients want their own gams to look like were actress Jennifer Lawrence's, we weren't surprised. She's pretty much all legs. If you don't have mile high limbs though, you definitely want legs that are flawless and toned. But is it really possible to rec...
Cameron Diaz Dazzles at the London Premiere of ‘Gambit’
Cameron Diaz wows at the London Premiere of ‘Gambit’ in a Stella McCartney dress.


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