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How To Shape Eyebrows: Do's and Don'ts You Need To Know

ByKim West
Sep 28, 2013 12:59 AM EDT

Before you can create the best set of brows for you, consider your face shape, your eye shape, and your personal style. Check out these must have how-to tips, courtesy of BeautyPress, and click through the slideshow for visual examples of celebs to base your personal look off of.  Happy shaping!

The key to great eyebrows is all about proportion. So, if you have larger features like big eyes, a slightly larger nose, and dark hair, you would probably look best with strong brows to match your fabulously fierce features. If you have small eyes or smaller facial features, opt to stick with thinner more refined eyebrows to remain proportionate to your face. When framing the face, the key here is all about customization. After visualizing what will work best for you, follow this easy step-by-step guide to get brows into tip-top shape:

1. You will need a clean unused mascara wand or eyebrow brush to comb your brow hairs. Comb them straight up. The hairs that overextend the eyebrow shape need to be trimmed.

2. Take a small pair of eyebrow scissors and trim the unruly hairs out of the way. Use the mascara wand to again brush down your eyebrow to its natural shape.

3. To measure how to position your eyebrow, there's a trick you can do at home, and all you need is a pencil. Hold the pencil on the outer edge of your nose and straighten it so the pencil stands vertically, directly over your inner brow. Where the pencil meets your brow is where your eyebrow should start.

4. Then move the tip of the pencil that's on your eyebrow in an angle. Once the pencil hits the highest point of your eyebrow, that's where your arch should be positioned.

5. Align the pencil to the outer edge of your nose and to the outer corner of your eye. Where the pencil lands on your eyebrow, is where your brow should ideally end.

6. Purchase eyebrow stencils available from a variety of beauty retailers to help perfect your shape. Align the stencil to the points on your eyebrow you have just measured out with the pencil. Fill in your eyebrow with eyebrow powder. Remove the stencil and the uncolored part of the brow is what should be plucked away.

7. Use tweezers to tweeze away any sparse hairs from the brow.

8. Brush your brows again with the clean mascara wand to make sure you are happy with your brow shape. Highlight the brow bone and voila, perfect brows in 8 steps!

Are you ready to perfect your brows armed with these helpful tips? Let us know with a note below!

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