5 Tips for Eyebrow Tweezing Mistakes

There's nothing worse than looking in the mirror and wishing you could will your eyebrows to grow back as fast as you plucked them out. So if you're suffering from this pesky beauty blunder, here are a few tips to help get your brows back into face-framing shape.

Never start with tweezers. If you're tweezer happy from the start, you'll likely be pretty sad by the end. The first step when you're looking to tweak brows? Groom them with an eyebrow brush/comb in an upward motion. Then take set of eyebrow scissors (you know, the cute miniature set) and trim the excess. Now you can accurately assess what needs tweezing.

Be brow realistic. Are you as bushy as Brooke Shields, or do you walk a fine line like Charlize Theron? Knowing what kind of brows you're working with and what head shape you are will help you groom brows to perfection. Are you a circle, oval, long, square, or heart head shape? Customize to your own features.

Archery rules. Having trouble gaging how to arch brows? Let your forehead be your guide. If you have a high forehead, your arch should go high, a lower forehead calls for a lower arch. Create a frame that compliments your entire face.

Keep it natural. So you had a brow mishap that left you a little bare up top. Opt for eyebrow filler that looks natural. Keep brow pencil shades true to your natural color and apply the filler in light strokes as opposed to one singular line that can look more garish and artificial.

Do nothing. Now this may be easier said than done, but think of it as the option where the only set of beauty tools you need are a good set of patience and willpower. Mistakes happen and sometimes the best way to solve them is to simply let your brows grow out.

What tips do you have for solving eyebrow blunders? Share your tips in the comments below!

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