Hello Acelift, Goodbye Facelift: New Cynosure Laser Procedure Tightens Face & Neck Part 2
Considering a procedure or surgery to rejuvenate your face, neck and/or jowls? Then you need to add the AceLift to your list of potential options. AceLift, a procedure developed by renowned dermatologist, Dr. Deborah Sarnoff, is said to have entered the market at just the right time. Using t...
Sunday Times Cites New Olay Study Proving Olay Pollution Is Aging for Skin
A front page article in The Sunday Times last weekend (9 November) titled "City Air Makes Skin Age Faster" highlighted a new Olay-funded study showing that damage from air pollution means the skin of women living in urban areas ages faster than that of their rural counterparts. BeAauty4Media rep...
How Your Sleep Position Can Cause Wrinkles: New 'Wrinkle Prevention Pillow' Promises To Help Fight Aging
Fight those wrinkles even in your sleep! With rave reviews and testimonials from leading Beverly Hills skincare experts, The Wrinkle Prevention Pillow is launching a new category in the skincare and anti-aging industry. The American Academy of Dermatology cautions that sleeping in certain p...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Angela Bassett
This week, we honor classic beauty Angela Bassett. You may know her for her role on the hit TV show American Horror Story, but Bassett has been delivering award-winning performances for over two decades now. The chiseled cheek-boned star has made splash after splash on both the silver screen and ...
New Survey Shows Nearly 60% Of Women Say They Would Rather Have A More Youthful Looking Face Than A More Youthful Looking Body
Yes, you read the title right. According to the results of a national survey conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Allergan, Inc., nearly 60% of women surveyed, ages 21-65 say they'd rather have a more youthful looking face than a more youthful looking body. Of the respondents, 64% note...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Lynda Carter
This week we honor classic beauty, Lynda Carter. In honor of October and the upcoming Halloween festivities, we decided to profile a gorgeous actress who rocked one of the most iconic costumes in comic book and television history.
All Natural Anti-Aging Secrets: 5 Ways To Look Younger Without Plastic Surgery
From applying face cream on in an upward motion, to drinking a gallon of water a day to plump up your skin-we've all heard anti-aging advice from our mothers, aunts and grandmothers. The same thing holds true for women across the globe. Women all over the world are proving you can age well and gr...
The 30-Minute Facelift: Choose From A Menu of Express Beauty & Skin Care Treatments For Busy Women On The Go
Living in a stress-filled world where people have little free time, has made them opt for express beauty treatments, which can often happen during your lunch break. With the concept of the "In a New York minute" as inspiration, Board Certified Surgeon, Dr. Yan Trokel has created a menu of signatu...
Runner’s Face, Sun Damage, & Thinning Hair: 3 Reasons Why Over-Exercising Can Be A Bad Thing Part 1
Are you a tired and true athlete that loves to keep fit and exercise whenever you can? If so, board certified dematologist Dr. Doris Day has a few errors of caution for ya. "Baby, we born to run! But exercise, when overdone, can stress the body," the expert said. "Whether you're taking part in ...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Sharon Stone
This week we honor Sharon Stone as our Thursday Throwback. This actress is a definite rebel, going against the grain on both the silver screen, the red carpet, and in her beauty regime. Who can forget her racy role in Basic Instinct as are me fatale, or her Academy Award Nominated performance in ...
Injectable Fillers For Face, Hands, Under Eyes: How To Choose FDA Approved Fillers
Need a crash course in filler skin care 101? You're not alone. With so many options, many still wonder just what are dermal fillers and how are they used? "Injectable dermal fillers are soft tissue and wrinkle fillers approved by FDA as medical devices. Generally, these products are injected into...
How To Look & Feel Young At Any Age: Model & Makeup Artist Cindy Joseph Shares Her Secrets Part 2
Wanna know how to age gracefully and still look great? Just ask model and makeup Cindy Joseph. Check out Part One of her interview with BeautyPress and then read below as the beauty pro drops some real knowlegde on how to grow old and still look great.
How To Look & Feel Young At Any Age: Model & Makeup Artist Cindy Joseph Shares Her Secrets
Cover model and makeup artist, Cindy Joseph, is a true beauty. The stunner is also the founder and CEO of an exciting concept in makeup that promotes natural, radiant and approachable beauty, known as BOOM! As women confront societal messages that challenge their self-esteem, Cindy is guiding the...
Liposuction Without Surgery With Less Recovery Time: New SmartLipo Procedure Helps Get Rid Of Cellulite
More than 80% of women have it, and many of them continue to spend hundreds, or even thousands a month to attempt to get rid of it -- the dreaded cellulite. While it may not be life-threatening, unwanted fat often leading to the infamous 'cottage cheese' thighs are a cause for concern for women b...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Tina Turner
This week we honor classic beauty, Tina Turner. Considered to be the queen of rock n roll, Turner has had a music career that has spanned over fifty years. Her hits are numerous and have earned her a total of eight Grammy awards. Her sold out concerts have put her in the history books, and with o...
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