Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Diane Keaton

This week, we honor classic beauty Diane Keaton.

Who doesn't love this super cool, super chic actress? The Californian burst onto the silver screen during the 1970's in the instant classic film The Godfather and has been a success in Hollywood ever since. Our personal movie favorites featuring this talented beauty have gotta be Something's Gotta Give and the beloved Baby Boom.

Her multiple movies aside, Keaton is also known for her ability to have grown older oh-so graciously. And while this is completely true, the actress wasn't without her insecurities about her looks when she was younger.

Vogue magazine reports that as a teenager Keaton thought she needed to sleep with a bobby pin stuck on top of her nose to reduce the ball, open and shut her eyes 30 minutes per day to make them appear wider set, and practice smiling in the mirror while also exercising the sincerity of her emotions. 

Cut to years later as an Academy Award winning actress and bonified movie star, Keaton is much more chill about her beauty routine, dishing all the deets on what keeps her looking so youthful and vibrant.

When it comes to makeup, Keaton keeps it simple. "Lots of lipstick, basically. Because I have really dry skin, I like to slap lipstick on. I wear a lighter shade now than I used to," the star said. "I don't think dark lips are very good for me, but I love lipstick and playing around with different colors."

And when it comes to going gray, the actress says it's no biggie.

"Yeah, forget it, it's over for the hair color. I've colored my hair forever," Keanton said candidly. "I remember when I discovered highlights, I think it was like around Baby Boom when [director] Nancy Meyers suggested that I have highlights."

"I remember thinking, Oh this is wonderful, you can make it a little lighter, and then the darkness sort of punches it up and that too enhances your face," she said. So after that it was just a series of different highlights and then bleaching, but my hair could never take bleaching well. I don't have anything in it right now."

And she still looks fabulous! Which Diane Keaton role is your fave? Tell us with a note below! 

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