Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Lynda Carter

This week we honor classic beauty, Lynda Carter.

In honor of October and the upcoming Halloween festivities, we decided to profile a gorgeous actress who rocked one of the most iconic costumes in comic book and television history.

This Arizona native started out in beauty pageants and just when she was about to give up her pursuit of acting, she got the call for a role that would change her life.

Starting in three seasons of the hit TV show Wonder Woman, Carter played the legendary female superhero and won fans nationwide. Though not always comfortable as a sex symbol, Carter is now in her sixties and looks back on her teeny tiny wardrobe with nostalgia. 

"When I wore the Wonder Woman outfit, I never thought about my body," the actress in an interview. 

"I just took it for granted. I don't have a 20-year-old's body any longer. You come to terms with it. It's just gravity, baby."

Still stunning today, Carter admits she is open to a variety of anti-aging treatments and won't say 'never' to going under the knife.

"There are a lot of things you can do, short of surgery, that make you look better – good creams, not being in the sun, a little Botox. I'm not saying I would never have surgery, I just haven't done it yet, she admitted.

As Wonder Woman, aside from her superhero shorts and strapless top, Carter's signature was her long and luscious mane of beautiful brunette tresses. But did you know the star was actually going gray at the time? Who knew?!

"I watch myself getting older, and it's odd to see all the little lines creeping in, but that's part of life. I've earned them," Carter said proudly.

"The biggest pain in the ass is having to get your hair colored. My father was completely white, and I started getting grey hairs at about 19 or 20. I don't have any idea how much grey I have now because I always color it."

Use Carter as your upcoming Halloween muse and channel your inner Wonder Woman! Check out the fun beauty tutorial below and let us know what you think!

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