This week, we honor classic beauty Angela Bassett.

You may know her for her role on the hit TV show American Horror Story, but Bassett has been delivering award-winning performances for over two decades now. The chiseled cheek-boned star has made splash after splash on both the silver screen and television.

Among are personal favorites of Bassett's many roles is her amazing portrayal of legendary star and fellow Thursday Throwback, Tina Turner.

Seriously challenging the test of time, we couldn't find a photo of Bassett where she didn't look the same. Just how does this gorgeous star keep time frozen and look as though she hasn't aged a day?

Now in her mid-fifties, Bassett proves you can be fifty and fabulous! So what is her secret? Some of her stylish swag seems to just come naturally.

"Well, it only takes me about 10 minutes! I start thinking about it in the car on the way home," the star explained in a recent interview.

"Do I want to be flirty? Sensual? Powerful? Then I try to dress for that feeling. My husband [actor Courtney B. Vance] always says, 'Lord, you've made something out of nothing. How did you do that?'" Bassett explained. 

As for her beauty routine, Bassett keeps it simple: foundation, mascara, a red lip, and you're done.

"I'm not very good with eye shadow, but I've got foundation down," the actress said. Bassett also revealed her favorite face makeup to use too.

"The foundation is Kevyn Aucoin; I like that. And I have to use the BeautyBlender - I fell in love as soon as I tried. You don't see where the makeup starts and ends," she explained. Bassett also loves Nars Red Lizard as her go-to shade for a sultry crimson pout.

And the star isn't without some tried and true words of wisdom when it comes to defining what she sees in the mirror: "A passionate woman who knows what she loves and has been blessed to be able to do it...and continue to do it!" 

What role of Bassett's is your absolute fave? Tell us with a note below!