Ashley Greene 'Burying the Ex' Star Still Going Strong with Paul Khoury, 'Twilight' Actress Goes on Romantic Lunch Date and Stroll with New Boyfriend [PHOTOS]
Ashley Greene and her boyfriend, Paul Khorny are still going strong. The "Burying the Ex" and "Twilight" actress recently went on a romantic lunch date and stroll with her new love.
Ashley Tisdale 2013: 'High School Musical' Star Releases New 'You're Always Here' Single [LISTEN NOW,] Dedicates Emotional Tribute Song to Late Grandfather
Ashley Tisdale recently released a new single, "You're Always Here" for her fans. The "High School Musical" star dedicated the emotional tribute song to her late grandfather.
Khloe Kardashian Matt Kemp: 'KUWTK' Starlet Dating Rihanna's Ex After Filing for Divorce From Lamar Odom? Reality TV Star Reportedly Rebounds with Athlete
Now that Khloe Kardashian has officially filed for divorce with Lamar Odom, the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star may be dating someone new. Reportedly, the reality TV star has rebounded with athlete Matt Kemp, who is one of Rihanna's ex-boyfriends.
Niall Horan 2013: One Direction Singer Makes First Appearance with Rumored Girlfriend Barbara Palvin [PHOTO,] Finally Admits That He is Dating Young Model?
Cameras caught Niall Horan with his rumored girlfriend, Barbara Palvin in London over the weekend. The One Direction singer may have made first appearance with the young model, and may have finally admitting that he is dating her.
Miley Cyrus French Montana: 'Wrecking Ball' Singer Dating Bad Boy Rapper? Liam Hemsworth's Ex Gets Cozy and Intimate with 'Freaks' Lyricist [REPORT]
Miley Cyrus recently got cozy and intimate with rapper, French Montana after her recent Jingle Ball appearance. But does the closeness mean "Wrecking Ball" singer is dating the "Freaks" lyricist?
Looking for an Easy Way to Book Beauty Appointments? Try the StyleSeat App
Ladies, are booking beauty appointments a hassle for you? Well, take pleasure in the fact that a new mobile app will make your lives easier, with the touch of a button!
Beauty Talk: Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara has made a shocking beauty confession! The "Modern Family" star recently told the world that she dyed her hair dark to get Hollywood roles. Hard to believe that Sofia would have had to result to such drastic measures to become a star?
Hair How To: Milkmaid Braids
Carrie Underwood's milkmaid braids in the live NBC version of "The Sound of Music" has everyone talking! The sweet, yet sophisticated style has been wore by the likes of Demi Lovato and Rihanna as well, but the blonde songbird made it look even more attractive.
'KUWTK' Bruce Jenner Getting More Plastic Surgery to Flatten Adam's Apple? Says Getting the Procedure Doesn't Mean He Wants a Sex Change Despite Rumors
Bruce Jenner reportedly may get more plastic surgery! The "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star has looked into flattening his Adam's Apple, according to TMZ.
'Wolf of Wall Street' Leonardo DiCaprio Hangs Out with Orlando Bloom During Guys Night Out, Two Actors Party Together at Popular New York City Hotspot
Leonardo DiCaprio, who stars in the upcoming "The Wolf of Wall Street," recently hung out with Orlando Bloom during a guys night out. The two actors partied together at a popular hotspot in New York City.
Bradley Cooper 2013: 'American Hustle' Star, Suki Waterhouse Make First Public Appearance as Couple at NYC Movie Premiere After Dating For Several Months
Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse made their first public appearance as a couple at the New York City premiere of his movie, "American Hustle" on Sunday. The pair have already been dating for months.
Ariana Grande Instagram: 'Yours Truly' Singer Jokes About Boob Job Rumors in New Video [WATCH NOW] Shows Off Fuller Chest in Victoria's Secret Push-Up Bra
Ariana Grande took to Instagram to joke about rumors saying she had a boob job. The "Yours Truly" singer showed off her "fuller chest," wearing a Victoria's Secret push-up bra in a new video.
A Hairy Situation: Stars Become 'Mane' Attraction in 'American Hustle'
David O. Russell's new 1970s film, "American Hustle" may focus on crime, but it brings the heat when it comes to the stars' hairstyles! Click through the slideshow to see their 'dos!
A Perfect Woman? New Survey Reveals Ideas of Female Beauty
With many beauty products promising to prevent and combat everything from acne to wrinkles, it's easy to believe that human beings can come close to physical perfection. But what about when we pose the question, "Is there a such thing as the perfect woman?"
Love It or Leave It: Taylor Swift Cuts Hair
Taylor Swift has cut her hair! But before fans go crazy, America's sweetheart just snipped her strands for a shoulder-length look. But what a change! Taylor said goodbye to her super-long locks, and hello to a sassy bob with choppy, side-swept bangs.
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