Ever had a scent remind you of school? Masik, a fragrance line for colleges, recently developed a collection that takes beauty lovers back to their undergrad and graduate days.

The brand's one-of-a-kind eau de toilettes are designed to make one recall the memories, traditions, sporting events and hours on campus that made college special. Masik worked with some of the biggest universities in the country, from Florida State, to Texas A & M, to Penn State. Their goal, you ask? The rising company wanted to create an official men's cologne and women's perfume for each school. 

CEO Katie Masik explained just why the bouquets make the perfect presents. "People, myself included, are uniquely passionate about their Alma Maters, and about the college/university in their community, which is why I believe your school's signature scent is the perfect gift for the student, alumni or fan in your life," explained Katie in a PR Newswire press release.  

What sets Masik's fragrances apart from others is that they are inspired by unique elements of each school. The colors, campus style, flowers, trees, traditions and locations all served as muses. The burgeoning business created these scents by pitching their perfumers a 'fragrance brief' that outlined these "school-specific" elements, such as pictures of the university's students. Once they zeroed in on scent options, each university conducted sessions to determine which aromas they like best.

Women and men can treat themselves to the brand's 1.7 oz./50 ml bottle for $39.50. To purchase the fragrances, visit Masik's online shop at Masik.com. You can also track down the bouquets at Belk's department store and on their website, as well as search for a local retailer. For an introductory video on the brand's new eau de toilettes, click HERE.

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