A lot of South Korean men and women are turning to "round-head" plastic surgery, a cosmetic procedure geared toward creating a more attractive head. But why?

According to Kotaku.com, surgeons said ridicule is to blame for the rise in those patients going under the knife. 

While some procedures involve lifting and plumping skin on your face, others are about helping people have a rounder-shaped head. South Korea is famous for its weird cosmetic surgeries, especially one clinic in Seoul. 

The establishment said they offer surgery for those "ridiculed" for having a flat or sunken back of the head. 

Their "round-head" procedure takes under an hour and involves a small incision. Surgeons use a type of bone cement during the process, attaching it to the skull, and adding 20 to 80 grams onto the patient's head.

This technique isn't new or mainstream, but has gained some steam in South Korea in recent years. But now, having work done on your head is gaining criticism.

Recently, one website called the surgery fixing "abnormally flat heads"a bit much." 

Some patients may seek out the option after being diagnosed with a condition called "plagiocephaly" or "flat head syndrome," which is corrected by wearing a helmet for several months as an infant. The majority of people, though, may have been bullied or made fun of for having a flat head and turned to surgery to fix it.

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