Women are Turning to Doctor-Fish Pedicures

Women are treating themselves to a super-popular beauty treatment that sounds fishy across the globe. Any guesses? Well, this service involves swarms of tiny sea creatures swimming around your feet!

Several ladies have tried doctor-fish or "garra rufa" (refers to species name) pedicures, a process where bite-size fish nibble away at foot scales and calluses. We may all have heard of the trendy fish tail braid, but spa treatments where cold-blooded carp bite your extremities are still on the rise. First used in Turkey and Asian countries, the service has gained steam in the U.S. in recent years.

Several celebrities like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian don't mind fishing for softer, smoother feet. Kim K. was on the verge of tears while sitting through the pedicure in Greece, while her older sister sat back and relaxed during the process.

But how have women gotten off on the right foot using this animalistic technique?

We believe that fact-finding is important when it comes to beauty treatments. This callus-removing pedicure involves very small toothless-fish, which can live on skin alone and thrive in hot water. A spa professional will usually let the fish nip away during a 15-30 minute session, depending on how ticklish a person is.

But the popular spa pampering trend hasn't gained every person's affection. Many states including Texas, Washington, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York have questioned the safety or banned flesh-eating fish. The Center for Disease Control also had severe concerns about the process being a health hazard in 2012.

The pedicure's cost ranges from $45 to $95. Looking to throw away your razors and pumice stones when it comes to scraping dead skin from your feet? Would you try the doctor-fish technique to smooth your soles, or think its cringe-worthy? Watch the Kardashian sisters' video and tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!  


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