Slicked-back strands are nothing new under the sun, right? But lately, the style has been getting a lot of play from Hollywood divas and darlings on several red carpets. Click through the slideshow to see several celebrities looking slick!

 From Lea Michele to Miley Cyrus to Khloe Kardashian, many famous women have rocked their hair off their faces. Sure, actresses have joined in on the splashlights or pixie craze, but aren't slicked-back tresses classic? We can just say that the mane move is catching fire like the "Hunger Games." We love it! 

In early fall, fashion runways across the globe were filled with beautiful models with dewy, gelled-down 'dos.

The style looked both sleek and sexy on the heads of cat walkers during New York Fashion Week. Designers such as Son Jung Wan, Joanna Mastroianni, Catherine Malandrino, Tommy Hilfiger, Alexander Wang  and Donna Karan styled their models with gelled-down 'dos.  Wondering how to perfect the slick-back to accentuate your facial features? 

Whether the hair is long or short, copying this particular coif is simple! For the look to work, start with slightly damp strands. You can just add water to dry tresses or gently towel dry after washing. Then, comb your locks from the front to the back in sections, making sure to straighten out any knots. Apply a wet-look hair gel on the front and sides using the palms of your hands. 

To finish, comb your tresses from front to back again to secure the look. And don't forget to spritz on a little bit of hairspray. 

Are you trying the slick and straight style? Going the gel route when it comes to smoothing back your hair? Let us know with a note in the comments section below!