So before we reveal out top pick for the Makeup Moments in a Music Video Countdown, we decided to recap the last nine looks before we give the final track away. Check out the picks we've highlighted these last few weeks, and get ready to ring in the New Year with out final music video look next week:

#10 - Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer: This 80's music video is iconic for its era. Aside from a chart-topping song, the visual appeal of the video offers great makeup inspiration! If you've seen these video vixens in action, the models Robert Palmer features as he's singing his trendy tune practically steal the show with their all black dresses, slicked back hair, bold eyes, and eye-popping red lips.

#9 - I'm Just A Girl by No Doubt: Don't you just love this classic 90's track from the legendary rock group, No Doubt? The song is considered an anthem for girl power, with its satirical play on words authored by the one and only rocker chic blonde, Gwen Stefani. In the video, Gwen sings about the social restrictions often placed on women, venting her frustrations. What makes the video so cool is Stefani's swag. She's the only girl in a rock group (rare at the time) and flaunts a tomboy style that still leaves plenty of room for fierce hair and makeup.

#8 - Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera: Remember this chart topper? Who can forget this trendy track? The new millennium remake of this hit from the 1970's earned a top spot on the billboard. The song which featured Aguilera, Pink, Mya, and rapper Lil' Kim earned the artists a 2001 Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration. This sexy music video earns a spot on our list for taking this look over the top. Check out the bold color swag each diva offers up. Christina's lashes are even tricked out with their own bling! And who can miss the hair?! From red to pink to teased out blonde, this fierce foursome was born ready for their on camera close up.

#7 - Joan Jett in I Hate Myself for Loving You and I Love Rock 'n' Roll: What isn't there to love about Jett's hair and makeup in these throwback videos? Joan is all about her music, but her style speaks for itself. The rocker queen's shaggy haircut from the 80's has become one of the most iconic, as well as one of the most requested styles in salons everywhere. The cut framed Joan's face beautifully and her brunette tresses played up her fair skin and rebel persona.

#6 - Kesha Your Love is My Drug and Demi Lovato's Neon Lights: These two videos offer up a whole new kind of beauty inspiration. Glow in the dark makeup is the ultimate way to highlight all your favorite features. And after watching these pop divas in action, their videos leave us feeling all aglow!

#5 - Janet Jackson Love Will Never Do: The iconic diva that is known as Janet Jackson needs no introduction and has never been known for just one look. The legendary star is a natural beauty whose singing and dancing prowess has made her one of the most well-known entertainers throughout the world. The imagery for this song screams classic beauty. The music video is filmed in black and white with touches of color and Janet keeps it simple in a classic black crop top and jeans. A fun fact about the making of the video, it's is said that Janet planned to actually wear a dress, but the director's vision for her wardrobe ultimately won out and it definitely made for an timeless style moment.

#4 - Crush on You by Lil Kim feat. Lil Cease: The Queen B is known for making a statement. Her looks are iconic and pop culture classics. A goddess of hip-hop, this diva lyricist and queen of innovative style paved the way for many a modern day pop star. Before Katy, Nicki, and Demi were rocking out-of-this-world hair colors, Lil Kim decided to don over-the-top color wigs for one of the most colorful music videos of the nineties.

#3 - Countdown by Beyoncé: The one and only Beyoncé always serves up some serious hair and makeup moments for us all to gush over, but we decided to highlight this particular video for all the many beauty throwbacks B gives us as an ode to her fellow female iconic inspirations. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, legendary music group the Supremes, and the Academy-award winning film West Side Story, Beyoncé makes old school glamour new again with so many fabulous looks it's hard to keep count.

#2 - Lady Gaga in Telephone: Little Monsters rejoice! Lady Gaga of course couldn't be left out of our countdown. The queen of shock, creativity, and innovation, this pop sensation and makeup inspiration has come in at number two for her the looks she serves up in yet another epic video that is both over the top and full of perfected pizzazz.

Think you can guess our top pick? Let us know with a note below and look out for the #1 music video next week!