Never underestimate the power of a makeover. With just the right hair, makeup, and outfit, the girl no one never even thought twice about, can become the one they just can't get out of their minds. We looooove a great makeover. Who doesn't? Who doesn't love to watch someone go from drab to fab, to reveal not only a not new look, but a newfound sense of confidence and sassy swag! Lets keep the countdown rolling!

At #6: Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady

OK, talk about drab to fab. Now while Eliza, played by the legendary Audrey Hepburn, makes an inner city flower girl appear charming, witty, and funny, there's no denying her look leaves a whole lot more to be desired. Her meager means have Eliza making the best with what she's got. Eager to leave the slums and work in a flower shop, Ms. Doolittle thinks refining her thick accent could be the way to her goal. She soon encounters phonetics professor, Dr. Higgins who agrees to help remold Doolittle with the aims of winning a bet that he can fully transform Eliza and pass her off as a part of the English aristocracy.

Eliza is then put through the ringer. Unlike the traditional makeover, this poor girl has to change her whole identity in order to convince the wealthy elite she is a debutant born to regal royalty. From marbles in her mouth to books on her head, Dr. Higgins just can't be convinced Eliza has what it takes to win his secret bet, until she finally convinces him otherwise.

In one of the best scenes of this classic movie, Eliza proves what the power of a makeover can do. As Dr. Higgins and his esteemed colleague wait for Ms. Doolittle to appear and accompany them to the Embassy Ball, Eliza then appears at the top of the stairs. She is simply stunning in a gorgeous French gown, adorned in dazzling jewels, with hair the picture of perfection.

And let's not forget about Ms. Doolittle's makeup. Simple and refined, this rags to riches duchess shows how timeless a defined eye, soft cheeks, flawless skin and light pink lip can do to take any look up a pretty notch. Take this classic look from the 1964 movie and it can still pass for modern day glam. Define eyes with a soft palette of shadows, dark liner and mascara. Sweep a soft complimentary shade of blush onto cheeks, and finish off with a light rosy lip color.

Check out one of our favorite makeover scenes from My Fair Lady in the video below, along with a fun makeup tutorial on how to get a classic Audrey Hepburn look. Let us know what you think! If you missed the earlier coutndowns, check out #10, #9, #8, and #7.