This week we enter the top half of our Top 10 Makeup in a Music Video Moments. Aside from movies, where else do we get our makeup inspiration? Where else do we look for trends, innovation and creativity? Music videos! So we are counting down 10 of our favorites where artists have created iconic and inspiring looks for us all to take and reinvent ourselves with. Let the countdown roll on!

#5 - Janet Jackson Love Will Never Do

The iconic diva that is known as Janet Jackson needs no introduction and has never been known for just one look. The legendary star is a natural beauty whose singing and dancing prowess has made her one of the most well-known entertainers throughout the world. A style chameleon, Miss Janet has rocked them all, but was her divalicous look in Love Will Never Do that we opted to list in the #5 spot.

The imagery for this song screams classic beauty. The music video is filmed in black and white with touches of color and Janet keeps it simple in a classic black crop top and jeans. A fun fact about the making of the video, it's is said that Janet planned to actually wear a dress, but the director's vision for her wardrobe ultimately won out and it definitely made for an timeless style moment.

Surrounded by hot male models in the warm sun, Janet personifies the look of effortless diva. Her makeup is clean, with a sexy ode to Marilyn Monroe via a beauty mark that compliments a smoky set of sexy eyes. And it's Janet's hair, styled in a sixties beehive updo that really makes this look super chic. Swept up into this fabulous style with tresses that fall over and around her black headband, can this superstar get any more gorgeous?

Now we all know how much we love a good smoky eye here at BWN, so check out our tips on how to nail the look here. As for the rest of her makeup, Janet keep things super neutral, another timeless trend we've covered here. And for hair, the songstress proves even a throwback hairstyle can be made new again, but if you're not feeling the hive, opt for an update on the look with a chic topknot or messy braid.

Check out the awesome video below and let us know what you think of the look with a note!