In our usual YouTube surfing, we came across a great makeup tutorial video for everyone to try this weekend.  The smoky eye is one thing, but the Kim Kardashian smoky eye is quite another.  Always flawlessly snatched, Kim K's eyes are usually smoked out to perfection.  Her eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lashes are all individually defined, yet blend seamlessly.  How does she do it?  Well, with a glam squad of course.  But if you can't afford a team to do your makeup everyday, this video might be the next best way to steal Kim's smoky secrets.  Sisters, makeup artists, bloggers, vloggers, columnists, and YouTube beauty gurus, Sam and Nic of show us just what goes on behind the scenes of Kim's dressing room.  Learn how to get a beautiful full face of makeup, complete with Kim's signature smoky eyes in the video below.