This week we highlight some more music videos that serve up some serious makeup moments. We're almost at the halfway mark, so if you've missed any of these eye-catching songs, check them our here: #10, #9, #8 and #7. The countdown rolls on!

#6 - Kesha Your Love is My Drug and Demi Lovato's Neon Lights

These two videos offer up a whole new kind of beauty inspiration. Glow in the dark makeup is the ultimate way to highlight all your favorite features. And after watching these pop divas in action, their videos leave us feeling all aglow!

Inspired a bit by the Beatles, Kesha's video starts off with her sweet and romantic side, but quickly turns daring and super bold with UV blacklight body paint. The star is decked out in a tribal-like design from head to toe, revealing one of her signature ways to dress up for the camera.

When asked if she'll ever leave glow in the dark makeup behind, Kesha asserted emphatically. "Oh, the body paint stays. It's my favorite thing to do," the star explained to Glamour magazine. "Sometimes I have parties at my house in Nashville and it's clothing-optional, and we just body-paint each other and run around, and I have a giant bed. I'm very much in touch with that side of myself."

Not to be outdone, pop sensation Demi Lovato's latest track, Neon Lights is also showing fans how to brighten things up in the dark. The singer's lips and eyes pop in bright glow in the dark neon shades thanks to celebrity makeup artist, Jill Powell.

Powell explained how to achieve perfect glow in the dark eye makeup to "We wanted to keep it chic while having fun with black light sensitive makeup," Jill explained. "I started out by creating the wing shaped liner with a white-eye liner pencil to get the shape. I then used an angled brush and mixed Fluo Nite pigment with Make Up Forever Eye Seal to create a waterproof liquid solution. I used this on top of the white liner and finished the winged liner."

If you're loving Demi's neon pout like we are, here's how to get it. "To create the lip color I started by using white liner to fill in the shape of the lips and packed pink Fluo Nite pigment on top," Powell said. "I used the Wolfe Brothers neon cream makeup to add a clean edge to the lips and also for under Demi's eyes as eyeliner."

We love the dramatic UV glow these ladies are bringing, which is why they made our list. Check out both videos below for a bit of neon inspiration and let us know if you've tried any glow in the dark makeup too!