This week we honor classic beauty, Diana Ross, as our Thursday Throwback.

The ultimate disco diva, Diana Ross is a bonified living legend. Her iconic status in show business as lead singer of the Supremes, her mega successful solo career of chart-topping songs, and signature fashion swag have sealed her into Hollywood history, as well as made her a hair and makeup inspiration for women around the world.

With a career that has spanned 50 years, Ms. Ross' looks have run the trend-setting gamut. At the height of her top song prowess, however, it is for her 1970's glam that she is best known. After the major success Ross had with the Supremes, defining the style of Motown with her mile high beehive and form-fitting dresses, the star stepped out on her own and transformed into a disco diva.

Ms. Ross personified the disco chic era. While earlier parts of the decade embraced a more natural look with minimal makeup and steered away from the heavier foundation of the 60's, disco called for drama! Diana rocked glittery gowns, bright and bold lipstick shades, and highlighted her big eyes with super long spider lashes.

Despite her diva status, would you believe Diana created all her iconic hair and makeup looks herself? According to her daughter, actress Tracee Ellis Ross, Diana did not have glam squads during her heyday and did her own hair and makeup each time she got ready to perform! We're not worthy!

"My mom does all her own hair and makeup, and always has," Tracee told the Huffington Post. "There are people who have supported her in the process, but for the stage I have always sat as a little girl and watched my mom do her makeup. Eyelashes, the whole deal -- she does it herself."

Well if this certified Hollywood legend can do it all on her own, we can at least sttempt to right? For makeup, the look is glam, so you'll want to use your best concealer to mask imperfections. Begin to build your base, contouring your nose and highlighting cheekbones. While lips and cheeks are given subtle flushes of color, eyes get the full glam treatment. Dark shadows on the lid are contrasted with white drawn onto the inner water lines of the lower lids to make eyes pop. For Ms. Ross' mile high lashes, choose your best falsies, applying both the top and bottoms.

As for hair, if you're a naturalista, modernize this classic look with an awesome twistout. If your hair is fine, grab your curling iron and barrel curl your way to Diana's disco swag.

Check out the fun tutorial below for more Ross fabulosity and let us know what you think of the look!