Tattoo Care Products For Vibrant Colors
Tattoo Care Products for Vibrant Colors
Discover top tattoo care products and maintain your ink's vibrancy with these aftercare solutions.
Chris Evans Surprising Body Tattoos
Chris Evans Shows off His Tattoos, Some Are Surprising
Chris Evans gives perfect content on social media with his latest post showing tattoos.
Tattoo Removal: New Laser Method Reduces Time And Pain For Adrienne Bailon
It's one of the trendiest, but most treacherous things you can do to your skin. Tattoos can be a great way to express yourself. They can be super sexy and are always personal. But what happens when you end up regretting your ink? The ultimate reminder of a bad decision gone wrong is a tattoo....
Undo Me: New Show Set To Reveal The Bizarre, Shocking And Hilarious Stories Of Britain's Biggest Beauty Regrets
Britain is obsessed with body work and is now the most tattooed nation in the world, with an estimated 20 million people decorating their bodies! Who knew?! David Beckham and Cheryl Cole's body art is headline news across the pond, but body modification comes in all shapes and sizes. From tattoos...
Try the Trend: Permanently Tattooed Eyebrows
So we brought to you all there is to know on the idea of permanent makeup, and it looks like more and more women are opting to go underneath the needle to make their dream brows a fixture forever set to frame their faces. Access Hollywood followed up on this beauty treatment by breaking the look ...
Heidi Klum Tattoo: What to Know If You're Thinking About Tattoo Removal
Don't get us wrong, tattoos are absolutely fabulous. Who doesn't love a little body adornment? But if you're regretting the one you have, the whole idea of tattooing can become more nuisance than work of art. Just ask Heidi Klum. Like many men and women, Klum opted to get the name of her then-husban...
Try the Trend: Body Graphics Temporary Tattoos, Hot or Not?
Makeup mavens and fashionistas are forever clamoring to try the emerging fads like temporary tattoos that go just as quickly as they arrive.
Rihanna Twitter: Singer Explains Gun Tattoo in Elle UK Interview. Reassures fans, 'I'll Never Be a Victim'
Rihanna explains her gun tattoos and how she'll 'never be a victim.' Follow us on Twitter: @BeautyWorldNews.
Justin Bieber Tattoo: New Ink for Singer, Gets X Tattoo on Left Arm. Is he addicted? [PICTURES]
This is the fourth new tattoo for the pop star since the new year.
New Years Tattoo's Justin Bieber, Snooki
Pop Star Justin Bieber and Jersey Shore reality queen Snooki revealed New Years Tattoo.


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