Chris Evans gives perfect content trending on social media with his latest post showing pieces of body tattoos.

Chris Evans revealed his tattooed torso in an Instagram story. He's getting a lot of attention with an impressive backflip into a pool.
The "Captain America" on his latest video star stood shirtless. He was getting ready to dismount from the pool ledge and do a backflip into the water. Fans went crazy, seeing Evan stunning body. The online community couldn't help but notice the impressive assortment of tattoos covering his bare chest and torso.

Followers on Chris Evans Instagram account were surprised by his body art. The actor's video post made everyone wonder when he got the tattoos, and it seems no one had any idea of his tattoo collection.

In 2018, Chris Evans had a matching Avengers tattoo located on his right arm. He has the same tattoo and stars Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner, and Chris Hemsworth. His co-star Downey Jr. shared a series of videos showing off the body art that they all got. He revealed their close friendship after their movie and thanked the whole team who contributed.

Chris Evans also had his favorite Eckhart Tolle quote inked across his collar bone. The inked tattoo reads, "When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world".
No one is sure when Chris Evans had his first body tattoo, but his fans loved all his body art pieces.

There are at least six tattoos on "America's Boyfriend's" chest and stomach showing in the recent video.
On his right chest appears to be an eagle, and there is a bull's head on his shoulder. These tattoos have never been seen before, and he could have had them for years.

Most of Chris Evans' movies do not show the star's full body; that is partly why his tattoos are covered in his film appearances. Though the actor is making the best while in the offseason, his well-defined six-packed abs are inspiring fans.

The outlet Page Six stated that Evans also has a tattoo of his mother's zodiac sign on his left upper arm. Another tattoo located on his right shoulder is the word "loyalty." Evans also has a tribute tattoo on his right ribs dedicated to his good friend, the late Matt Bardsley.

Evans also dedicated a tattoo on his ankle with the initials "SCS" representing each of his siblings. The actor also has a Chinese character inscribed on his right arm, which translates to "family," but to be exact, it means "surname."

It seems quarantine has helped Chris embrace his fitness even more. He showed his fans a candid side on how toned his body is and unleashed his tattoos for the world to see.

Chris Evans movies and tattoos are well received by his fans that every time there is something new from him, it becomes a hot trend.

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