Pop Star Justin Bieber and Jersey Shore reality queen Snooki revealed New Years Tattoo.   

Snooki Jersey Shore, reality TV star took to instagram to post her new years tattoo additon: "I wanted to get this because to me it represents being strong independent woman," on her post with the picture of of a leopard with wings and crown, adding "I haven't mentioned or showed anyone besides Jionni (fiance) this tattoo! I got this last week when we shot our final 'Jersey Shore' reunion."

The tattoo with wings and crown has special meaning to the reformed party girl turned mother. "The crown represents being a queen and being fabulous and the wings represent everyone who has passed in my family." This will be snooki's 6th tatoo, what a way to start the new years.

Joining Snooki in getting a new tatoo was Justin Bieber.

Justin also took to instagram posting his new addition for the New Years. The teen pop-star added a rose tattoo underneath his March tattoo of prying hands . Justin now has tattoo of owl, and 'Believe' ink on his left arm. Japanese character for music on his right arm, a crown on his chest, a 'Jesus' on his left calf, and Hebrew word for 'Yeshua' underneath his left ribcage, matching his father and a seagull which he got when he was 16.

The 'girlfriend' singe now has total of 9 tattoos with the addition of his New Years ink.