Makeup mavens and fashionistas are forever clamoring to try the emerging fads like temporary tattoos that go just as quickly as they arrive. 

In the revolving door world of cosmetics and style, people can change with the times by changing their body art. As a burgeoning fashion, Body Graphics Temporary Tattoos allow users to avoid the difficulties of removing unsatisfying ink by easily taking off and putting on art to match their different moods, according to a press release.

It's free expression in the form of a temporary tattoo that you can strip off or place on whatever you please to make a statement, show your attitude or represent your lifestyle.

Since it began growing and expanding in New York City's melting pot culture, Body Graphics has globe-trotted to other countries with "its diversified creative ideas and exquisite design."  For some, its a symbol of freedom.

For others, the appeal is strictly about art and saying something.

The product came about in a rather fascinating and unique manner. "The birth of BG is a breakthrough in dream," read the release. "Its founders walked out of their office cubes, took off their clothing and tried to express [themselves] freely. They identified designers from different countries, including urban landscape designer[s,] jewelry designer[s,] contemporary decorative painter [s,] modern decor designer[s] and so on..."

Their goal was to "look for the root cultures, reshape classics, bring creativity [into play] and outline illusion and dream."

As the story continued, the brand's creators showed off their ideas with vivid and interesting graphics.

The brand seeks to tell people that they can feel the world, discover [themselves] and express [their] dreams and love through graphics.  

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