Britain is obsessed with body work and is now the most tattooed nation in the world, with an estimated 20 million people decorating their bodies! Who knew?!

David Beckham and Cheryl Cole's body art is headline news across the pond, but body modification comes in all shapes and sizes. From tattoos to piercings, flesh holes to fake boobs, pumped up lips to permanent makeup. What was once considered extreme is now mainstream. 

But for all those having body work done there are now legions desperate to be undone.

Fronted by inspirational role model Katie Piper, a new show debuting in February called "Undo Me" is set to follow the stories of people who have come to bitterly regret the work they've had done to their faces and bodies. They wanted it, got it, loved it, but now hate it and are desperate to reverse it.

Katie Piper herself has had more than 200 procedures and is fascinated with people who choose to alter their natural looks. Drawing on her own personal experiences, Katie will question the motivation behind the desire to 'undo,' find out why people had the procedure in the first place, and if necessary, set them along the path of "Undo Me."

In this modern twist on the makeover format, Undo Me will follow the reversal stories of those craving to be undone; from shocking drunken tattoos and hair wrecked by extensions, to multiple piercings and ear lobes stretched beyond recognition. Highly experienced practitioners will help 'undo' the procedures people wish they'd never had.

The series will also feature those who are literally about to go under the needle or piercing gun with a new body modification. These 'Do Me' contributors know what they want and are determined to go through with it but first, Katie intervenes questioning their motivation before engineering a face-off between them and those already on the road to reversal.

When the conflicting paths of Do Me and Undo Me collide, each explains the reasons behind their opposing choices and attempt to talk the other out of their radical course of action. Will they still go through with a dramatic alteration of their face or body?  Viewers find out at the end of the program when 'Do Me' and 'Undo Me' are reunited with the show's host.

Undo Me also explores the most extreme forms of body and facial modification in Britain, from sub dermal implants to nipple tattooing and eyelash implantation. Each episode will examine how and why these radical and often painful procedures are becoming more popular and will highlight people who have decided to have them done.

From alternative stories to those obsessed with beauty; Undo Me will explore the reasons and motivations behind the extreme body modification that people all over the country are contemplating.

Have any tattoos, piercings, or procedure you wish you could undo? Let us know with a note below!