Top 5 Budget Friendly Brown Eyeliners for Subtle Cat Eyes
Top 5 Budget Friendly Brown Eyeliners for Subtle Cat Eye
Trade your trusty jet black eyeliners to brown tones with these budget-friendly products that you can get from any drugstores.
Beauty Products
Top 5 Most Searched Products According to Beauty Index 2021
Experts have compiled a list of the most searched items based on the Beauty Index for 2021, and we have it for you.
The Trend: 5 Best Lipsticks of 2019
5 Best Lipsticks of 2019: Winning Formula, Color, and Price!
2019 is far from over, and there is stll plenty of time to bring your A-game when it comes to lipsticks!
This Is The Small But Transformative Change In Gigi Hadid's Makeup
While Gigi Hadid has been on a lot of magazine covers, runways, and billboards, many might not have seen a little but transformative change she made with her look. She is recently choosing softer, more natural-looking eyebrows instead of the full, dark ones.
Here's Why Maybelline's SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation Is The Top Seller On The Drugstore Scene
Maybelline's SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation was just released late last year, but it has taken the foundation game to the next level. According to a brand's representative, the drugstore product bested other newly released foundations.
CoverGirl's New Makeup Collections Are Peach And Chocolate Scented
CoverGirl is leveling up its game by launching peach- and chocolate-scented makeup collections. The drugstore brand's latest cosmetics release will be available in Walmart.
Sneak Peak Of Gigi Hadid's Maybelline Campaign Shown On Instagram
Just a few weeks after she was named the new face of Maybelline, Gigi Hadid shared a sneak peek of her upcoming ad on Instagram.
Gigi Hadid, the New Face of Maybelline Confesses To Being 'Really Competitive'
Gigi Hadid is "really competitive". The 19-year-old model - who was recently unveiled in Vogue as the face of Maybelline cosmetics - has confessed playing team sports at high school left her with a competitive streak which helps her to push herself in the gym and maintain her slender physique.
Staff Picks: Clarissa Hamlin Shares Her Weekly Faves
I love to constantly change the beauty items on my vanity. What are the latest products that have made it through my revolving door? The last few days, Beyonce's Pulse fragrance has been back on my radar. Joining the superstar's scent, I invested in a Caudalie exfoliating scrub and another Maybelli...
Out Now: Maybelline New Color Elixir Gloss
Maybelline just launched their new Color Elixir Gloss by Color Sensational! The beauty brand is known for introducing game changing products. Remember their Big Falsies Big Eyes Mascara and Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation Stick, which debuted in July?
Celebrity Get the Look: Olivia Wilde
So we all gushed over the photos of actress Olivia Wilde as the face of its latest Amour fragrance by Avon, but one particular pic caught our eye. Check out the moment Olivia creates in the gorgeous image above. We want this look! Flawless skin, beautifully accentuated eyes, soft lips, we want it...
Your One-Stop Smoky Eye Shop: Maybelline Master Smoky Long-Wearing Shadow Pencil
It's arguably one of the best go-to beauty looks and yet, still the bane of a beauty junkie's existence. Ahh yes, the smoky eye. It's one of those makeup techniques that can be hit or miss. Eyes can either look smokin' hot or just a smudge hot mess. We here at BWN have gotten pretty good at maste...
Daniela de Jesus Becomes New Face of Maybelline New York
The model beauty, Daniela de Jesus, will now grace Maybelline New York's beauty ads starting late 2013. We were wowed when the beauty brand picked Frida Gustavsson and Daniela is the newest bombshell to endorse the brand.
Out Now: Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation Stick
Releasing in time for this fall and a must have for a summer look that stays put, Maybelline recently debuted the all new Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation Stick.
Celebrity Get the Look: Diane Kruger
Summer beauty can be many things, but one staple of the season is sunkissed skin. Thumbing through our celeb rolodex of images, we stumbled upon a class look from last summer, served up by the beautiful actress, Diane Kruger.
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