So we all gushed over the photos of actress Olivia Wilde as the face of the Amour fragrance by Avon, but one particular pic caught our eye.  Check out the moment Olivia creates in the gorgeous image above.  We want this look!  Flawless skin, beautifully accentuated eyes, soft lips, we want it all.  Luckily we have our resident makeup artist, Pascale Poma to help us break down the look and snag it for ourselves.  Check out Pascale's recommendations on how to steal Olivia's swag below.

Olivia stuns in her new promo shots for Avon Products.  What makes her so gorgeous?
You know, let's face it; this girl was born with an almost perfect genetic code. But a great makeup look can provide that to us all. With the use of a great color palette, everyone can recreate what makes Olivia naturally gorgeous and you might shine even more!

Fab!  So what features did the makeup artist play up here?
The makeup artists did a great job, there's no doubt, but they definitely went on to accentuate Olivia's number one key feature -- her mesmerizing eyes! I love how a bit of purple added onto her lower lid makes the green of her iris' pop so vividly.

How can we steal Olivia's swag? Can we replicate this look? What's the key to nailing it?
Yes, we can replicate this sexy yet graceful beauty for sure. The key here is to use complementing colors to your own iris, to make your eyes appear just as striking.

What tips do we need to know if order to get Olivia's gorgeous eye makeup?
Smokey eyes makeup is absolutely gorgeous but needs to be done with a lot of control in order to actually look like a beautifying makeup and not as a  

What's the secret to Olivia's skin?  Is it blush, bronzer, contour? How can we achieve it too?

The secret here is using a combination of the three! Contouring is important. It truly helps to correct, sculpt and balance facial structure. Bronzer gives skin a warm, healthy tone and blush adds an extra soft sexiness to the face.

To achieve flawless looking skin, after applying foundation or a tinted moisturizer, apply concealer underneath your eyes, on your forehead, between the eyebrows, and along the bridge of your nose and chin. This will allow light to play on those areas and make them look more prominent. Now use a matte dark bronzer or powder at least 2 shades darker that your foundation. Sweep it along your forehead, temples, the jaw line, and the hollows of your cheeks. Make sure that you blend and soften all the makeup with a large brush. Add blush on the apples of your cheeks and finish by dusting on setting powder. Easy and done.

Stealing this look sounds simple enough! So what products do you recommend to get this celebrity look?

I recommend these products to achieve Olivia's look.  If you're into Tinted Moisturizer, I particularly love Face Stockholm's Tinted Mineral Moisturizer. The light diffusing formula helps to create a soft, natural glow. For foundation users, try Inglot's Cream Foundation. It's treated pigments blend perfectly without clogging pores. Maybelline's Fit Me Concealer is a great base makeup option as well. For eyes, remember to use shades that accentuate your own personal peepers. I like Bobbi Brown's Eyeshadows. They come in a ton of different shades and the silky, matte powder shadow goes on smoothly and can be layered together. To play up lashes, try Dior's DiorShow Iconic Overcurl Mascara. Inspired by professional curling irons, the brush defines each and every lash beautifully. For Lips, I recommend Face Stockholm's Nektar in Hyacint. And to finish the look, use ck one color cosmetics' Airlight Pressed Powder.

Got it. Any additional tips and tricks?
To add an extra oomph to this look, try to coordinate your clothes, in particular your tops, with your eye makeup colors. Yes, you can use your clothes as an extra makeup layer to accentuate your face. Try it!

We will!  Thanks Pascale! Check out more of Pascale's work at and