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what is Brazilian wax
What You Need to Know About Brazilian Wax and How to Prepare for It
Brazilian wax helps clean up unwanted hair from the bikini area and many prefer it over shaving as it has a longer-lasting effect and helps exfoliate dead skin cells. The result: super smooth hair-free skin.
3 Must-Try Beauty Rituals: What You Should Doing For Your Skin & Hair Treatments All Year Long
Let's face it, now that the motivation of tiny bikinis and warm summer afternoons has passed, our normal beauty routine tends fall behind. However, regardless if you're hitting the slopes or in hibernation mode this winter, it's crucial you keep up with a few beauty rituals regularly. Check ou...
Beauty DIY Ideas: When To Do It yourself And When To Go To A Pro
Whether it's a laser or a lip gloss, it seems like you can buy any beauty treatment off a shelf these days. While the DIY options are convenient and budget-friendly, there are some beauty rituals better left to the pros. Our experts on speed dial weighed in on the convenience and safety of the top b...
Manscaping 101: Get The Waxing 411 From Uni K Wax Founder Noemi Grupenmager
So with the New Year, we all want a fresh new start! We're hitting the gym, getting new haircuts, and of course, ensuring our skin is as healthy, youthful and smooth as a baby's bottom. But never to be outdone, many men are opting to visit the salon for a 2014 touch-up too. Ever since Adam Levine re...
Hair Removal Mistakes: 3 Tips To Solve A Bad Wax Job
Though the cooler months may have arrived, many a gal likes to keep her skin free of those pesky hairs, for a touchably soft feel. But not every visit to the salon goes so smooth. Had a bad waxing experience? Wondering how you can remedy the situation, or how long to wait before fixing things? Here ...
5 Tips for Eyebrow Tweezing Mistakes
There's nothing worse than looking in the mirror and wishing you could will your eyebrows to grow back as fast as you plucked them out. But if you're suffering from this pesky beauty blunder, here are a few tips to help get your brows back into face-framing shape.
Editor's Picks: Beauty World Editor, Kim West Shares Her Weekly Favorites
This week, my picks are all about legs. Summer calls for great gams, so check out a few of the ways I strive to achieve sexy stems during the warm summer months.
Join the Movement: #RazorFree2013 Initiative
Now this is what we call a beauty campaign. Did you know that over the course of a woman's lifetime, she will spend 58.4 days removing unwanted hair from her body?
How To: Get Ready for Spring and Bare Leg Weather
We admit to getting a bit lazy with our shaving over the winter so when spring rolls around and we finally get to start baring our legs, we need to get smooth, glowing skin FAST. Our friends over at Birchbox are super excited about a brand new Blueberry flavor of Whish's Shave Crave Shaving Cream, ...
To Wax or to Laser: Dr. Ostad Answers Your Hair Removal Questions
To shave to wax or to laser: That is the question. Our skin care expert, Dr. Ostad, has weighed in on the benefits and drawbacks of all the hair removal options out there, so if you're considering a new method, read on to learn more and discover the true facts behind the many different ways to get...


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