Now this is what we call a beauty campaign.  Did you know that over the course of a woman's lifetime, she will spend 58.4 days removing unwanted hair from her body?  Wow.

Did you know that in 53.6 years, a woman will spend approximately $10,555 and use up to 420,652 gallons of water?  That's nearly enough to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool!  And all of this for the necessary beauty ritual of shaving!  With so much time, dollars, and water involved, a few beauty experts truly believe that shaving makes no "cents."

Enter Zendy Place and their #RazorFree2013 Initiative. This innovative online beauty platform is inviting women to make one more resolution and dub 2013 as the year they leave their razors behind forever in exchange for using laser hair removal to free themselves from the many constraints of shaving.

Founded by double Board Certified surgeon Vish Banthia, MD FACS, Zendy Place aims to make everyone look their very best at a price more accessible by matching Board Certified physicians with a user's specific budget and appointment needs. "Zendy Place is the place to submit offers for non-surgical cosmetic procedures so that you can look your best while saving money and time," said Zendy's Place.  By receiving laser hair removal on areas that are typically shaved, according to Zendy Place, women can save an average of $7,000, and by using Zendy's website to book their sessions, they can save even more.

"Zendy Place offers consumers savings of up to 30% or more on a plethora of non-surgical aesthetic treatments and can be custom-tailored to meet patients' specific beauty needs," a spokesperson for the site explained.  "We provide the most economic way to explore a variety of popular procedures, including laser hair removal, acne scar treatment, non-surgical body sculpting, wrinkle relaxers, and more."

To try Zendy Place, signup is free.  Interested? Check it out at and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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