Though the cooler months may have arrived, many a gal likes to keep her skin free of those pesky hairs, for a touchably soft feel. But not every visit to the salon goes so smooth. Had a bad waxing experience? Wondering how you can remedy the situation, or how long to wait before fixing things? Here are a few professional tips courtesy of the experts at Uni K Wax Centers.

Uni K Wax was founded in 1993 in Miami Beach, Florida.  Founder, Noemi Grupenmager, developed her own proprietary elastic wax, which took three years to create! Uni K Wax Center's sole dedication to waxing and the unique concept of pain-free elastic wax differentiated my business from any other, so take note of their advice!

If your skin was burnt from a hot wax. Depending upon what went wrong with your waxing service will affect how you can remedy the situation. If your skin was burnt, wait until it is fully healed and definitely do not go back to that salon. Next time, opt to try elastic wax that is applied at body temperature, as opposed to a hard wax, which is applied at a high temperature.

If your hair was removed unevenly. Sometimes a poor wax job can leave hair partially removed from the top of the skin and partially removed from the root. If you experience this, you should wait until all of your hair is grown back evenly (1/8th to 1/4th of an inch long) to go back for another waxing service.

If your hair was only removed from the top of the skin, this generally means it was too short and the wax was not able to grip the hair for proper removal. Uneven waxes generally occur when a customer is transitioning from shaving to waxing and hair is not grown out evenly.

Need a touch up? Uni K Wax Center offers a special "touch up" service which is really convenient and helpful when transitioning your hair growth pattern from shaving to waxing. Touch up sessions (up to 12 days after your wax) will help remove hair that was shaved and could not be waxed during the first session because they were too short.

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