Meet the inventor of the Brazilian Bikini Wax!  We sat down with Noemi Grupenmager, founder of Uni K Wax Centers to learn more about the art of waxing, it's history, and some of the most requested services people come in for.  Learn about Noemi's signature green wax and get all the tips you need for sexy, smooth skin just in time for the warmer months ahead!  

1. Noemi, how did you become a hair removal expert?  What led you to create and open Uni K Wax?

As a consumer, I was always dissatisfied with the expensive, slow and limited hair removal services available at nail and hair salons.  The duty was often tacked on to employees who were already too busy with hair, nails and other services.  My vision was to have a specialized hair removal center that offered waxing for both men and women.  Having sensitive skin myself, I also recognized the need for a wax that was all natural, pain-free, and would not aggravate the skin.  With all of this in mind, I founded the first Uni K Wax Center in 1993 in Miami Beach, Florida.  I developed my own proprietary elastic Uni K wax, which took three years to create.  Uni K Wax Center's sole dedication to waxing and the unique concept of pain-free elastic wax differentiated my business from any other.