Manscaping 101: Get The Waxing 411 From Uni K Wax Founder Noemi Grupenmager

So with the New Year, we all want a fresh new start! We're hitting the gym, getting new haircuts, and of course, ensuring our skin is as healthy, youthful and smooth as a baby's bottom. But never to be outdone, many men are opting to visit the salon for a 2014 touch-up too. Ever since Adam Levine revealed his love of waxing to keep his Sexiest Man Alive chest touchable for fiancé Bihati Prinnsloo, it seems manscaping has become a trending topic. If you've caught your guy google searching the term, send him a link to this article! We sat down with founder of Uni K Wax Centers, Noemi Grupenmager and she was happy to answer all the questions every guy's got. Check out our Q&A below:

So Noemi, we hear men are more sensitive when it comes it hair removal?  Is this true? 

Men use to be more sensitive to full body hair removal, however many men are taking the time to groom and this trend is growing. And moreover, so many men now enjoy the feeling of being hair-free, especially those men who are very hairy.  There are also the additional benefits of hair removal, such as healthier skin, less perspiration and clothing fits better on the skin.

Is this a growing trend, or still something only body builders and models do?

Yes this is a growing trend! More and more men are taking the time to care about their appearance and grooming routine. Men are discovering that waxing offers a longer lasting effect and is truly better for the skin versus shaving. Additionally, when hair regrows, the follicle loses strength so that the strand will regrow thinner, lighter and sparser, which is definitely an added benefit when men opt to wax.

Where do men typically get 'scaped,' shall we say?

Men generally focus on their back and shoulders, chest and stomach, as well as the arms and bikini area, when waxing the body. Facial waxing includes eyebrows, nostrils and ears.

What do you recommend a guy new to waxing do to get himself prepared, both physically and mentally?

If you ever saw the scene from The 40-Year Old Virgin when Steve Carell went to have a chest wax, one thing you want to do is avoid that experience! All jokes aside, you definitely need to look for a professional waxing center that not only specializes in waxing for men, but also has the most "ouchless" waxing experience.  To do this, choose a wax that is all-natural as this is better for the skin, additionally an elastic wax will gently remove hair, and finally, choose a professional that offers specialist care. 

Does your salon offer manscaping services specifically catered to men?

Uni K Wax does offer full body waxing for men. We have our own all-natural elastic wax and each waxer has undertaken an extensive training course to become well-versed in the best waxing methods, including the most painless wax techniques for the male body.  So the best advise mentally and physically is to go to the experts in male body waxing. Crisis and pain averted!

Any areas that you advise against waxing?

Yes, you cannot wax the scalp.  But everything else you most definitely can wax!

Any additional tips and tricks?

Maintaining a routine is the best tip, as regular waxing will reduce hair growth in the longer term. Don't shave in between waxing services because this reverses the effect of waxing. And when you're about to head to your waxing appointment, hydrate with water and don't drink alcohol prior to waxing, as this will tighten the pores.

Thanks Noemi! Any additional questions on manscaping? Leave them below and we'll be sure to do a follow-up Q&A soon!

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