Victoria Secret Fashion Show: How To Get Supermodel Legs Like The VS Angels

At the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on Tuesday night, Taylor and her Angels were runway-ready, with long, smooth and silky legs and picture-perfect feet guaranteeing a sassy catwalk. With these leggy supermodels still on the minds of everyone who tuned in, we thought it a better time than ever to offer up a few tips on how to get your gams back to smooth touchable status during the cold winter season. With these fabulous drug store finds, you won't need Adriana Lima's glam squad at all. Be beautiful, confident and ready to strut with beauty on a budget must-haves.

Angel Tip: Use a razor with multiple blades to give you a smooth, close shave.

During the chilly winter months, Candice Swanepoel makes sure her legs are still silky smooth and hair-free. Follow Candice's lead and achieve legs that are soft in one easy step with Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment ($10), Drugstores nationwide). The all-in-one razor lathers as you shave thanks to a Skin Conditioning Solid surrounding the blades to maintain skin's moisture and hydration even in the coldest of months. This is a personal fave of BWN staffers. Forget the shaving cream with this leg lifesaver. All you'll need with this baby is water and it's smooth shaving from there!

Angel Tip: Start with the basics and make sure your feet are not neglected. It is easy to overlook the importance of smooth, healthy feet, but in the chilling months ahead be sure to moisturize, keeping cracked heels and rough cuticles out of the picture.

Be prepared to rock strappy sandals during a warm get away, or brave the snow in boots with well cared-for and pampered feet. Bare Foot Dragon Fruit Lotion ($4) soothes and restores radiance that gives you the confidence and energy to strut like Doutzen Kroes all year long. The Tea Tree Oil and Dragon Fruit work together to heal skin and prevent drying out or cracking, resulting in rejuvenated feet that are ready to take on the catwalk.

Angel Tip: Moisturize legs right after showering while your pores are most open to ensure skin doesn't lose it's hydration and dry out. To seal in softness even more, don a pair of long, comfy cozy socks overnight to keep legs super smooth.

This combo works every time. They might not nab you Adam Levine, but wanna have legs as touchable as his fiancé Bihati Prinnsloo's? We absolutely love Avon's Moisture Therapy Extra Strength Cream ($6). The formula is thick and penetrates deep, relieving the itching, redness and roughness of severely dry skin. And to maximize the softness, try a pair of Thigh High Socks from American Apparel ($18), available in a ton of fun colors.

Angel Tip: The secret to super sexy legs is the sheen! A touch of shine creates dimension and shows off the subtle contours of legs to create added shape and make your skin tone pop.

Steal Alessandra Ambrosio's shiny swag and make your legs glow with Neutrogena's Sesame Body Oil ($10). The scent is absolutely divine and it's the super affordable way to enhance your legs color and shape. The light sesame formula instantly vanishes into the skin, sealing in moisture. Skin feels moisturized, soft, silky and looks radiant.

Ready to get legs into supermodel shape? Let us know which products you use with a note below!

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