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Brazilian wax helps clean up unwanted hair from the bikini area and many prefer it over shaving as it has a longer-lasting effect and helps exfoliate dead skin cells. The result: super smooth hair-free skin. 

What is Brazilian wax?

A popular method of removing unwanted hair from your bikini area, was brought to the American soil by the J Sisters who opened their first waxing salon in New York in the late 80s. 

Brazilian wax involves removing all the hair at the sides, and then all the way to the middle part, including the vagina lips, and your behind. You can opt to go fully bare or leave a "landing strip." Although some would prefer other shapes like a triangle and heart shape.

Does it hurt? Well, remember that it is a procedure that requires removing hair follicles.  So, yes it does hurt.  However, if you will do it regularly and as the hair becomes finer, waxing become less and less painful. 

Brazilian wax lasts for about three to four weeks. However, people vary in terms of hair regrowth, so some have it last up to six weeks while others would grow hair much sooner. 

How do you prepare for a Brazilian wax?

There are some things you can do to prep you body and mind before your appointment. The skin tends to be extra sensitive for women having their period. So, if you have low pain to threshold, don't make an appointment within three days before your period starts.

For best results, hair needs to be about a quarter of an inch long so that it would adhere to the wax better. Hence, do not shave for at least two weeks prior to your appointment. That time should be enough for you to grow hair down there.

You also need to clean and exfoliate the night before having a Brazilan wax. By removing dead skin cells in and around the follicles will allow a more thorough hair removal. Also, on the day of your appointment, take a warm bath to prepare the skin before your wax. Oh, and resist the urge of putting any moisturize prior to your appointment as it will interfere with the wax.

You may take some pain reliever about 30 minutes before waxing to help reduce inflammation and make the procedure less painful. 

During your appointment, remember to tell your wax technician if you have allergies. Most of all, be prepared mentally and try to feel comfortable.

Brazilian wax after-care

Expect that you will experience some redness and the waxed area wlll feel extra sensitive; therefore, you need to keep your hands to yourself. Also, touching it may introduce bacteria and cause small pimples to grow on the waxed area.

Heat and sweat can also introduce harmful bacteria into the skin. Avoid the gym for about 24 hours after having a Braxilian wax. Likewise, stay away from saunas and tanning beds for two days.

You can soothe irritation and reduce swelling by applying an antibiotic ointment or hydrocortisone cream. Then exfoliate daily to remove dead skins cells, but avoid using soap to prevent bumps and hair ingrown. Lastly, wait for about two days before engaging in sexual activity.

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