How to remove skin tags? If you have them, you might be wondering if it is safe for you to get rid of them by yourself. You might also be asking yourself if you should leave them alone or if there is a need to bid them goodbye. 

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are harmless growths on the skin that affects half of the adults. While you should not worry about them, they might be bothersome. Usually, they fall away on their own. However, if you prefer, there are medical removal procedures especially in areas where they can be seen by others. 

Skin tag removal: Home remedies

Removing skin tags without going to the doctor is possible. Still, make sure to seek the advice of your doctor first before proceeding with the home remedy that you have chosen. 

Tag removal device

Known in the medical field as ligation, the use of a skin tag removal device cuts off blood supply at the tag base. Using a tiny band, the device will deplete the tag of blood supply so that the cells will die. Usually, within ten days, it will drop away on its own. 

Freezing kit

Products containing liquid nitrogen could freeze off skin tags that are available in drugstores and pharmacies. It may take you many applications before the tags go away, usually within ten days.

Skin tag removal cream

A single application of the cream is needed to get rid of the tag. Some kits include an applicator in the market. It may cause some stinging sensation, but tags would usually fall off within two to three weeks. 

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Using a string or a piece of dental floss lets a person achieve ligation without any other device. Take note that you may have to tighten the string or floss every day to cut off the blood flow. Before doing so, make sure to clean the string, skin, and your hands carefully to avoid getting infections. 

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Some anecdotal evidence says that liquid iodine could help clear this skin condition. They noted that one should apply petroleum jelly or coconut oil to protect the surrounding skin before applying the iodine. Cover the area with iodine until it has dried, doing it twice a day.

Tea tree oil

Some proofs show that tea tree oil could help treat skin tags. People would apply a few drops of the oil on a cotton ball then affix it to the affected area. They will leave it for ten minutes, three times a day. It usually takes many days to weeks to cure the skin condition. 

Aloe vera 

Known for its antioxidant and wound-healing properties, aloe vera would help remove skin tags. Apart from that, it allows the healing of the skin quickly. Massage the juice or gel to the skin for a couple of minutes, two to three times daily. 

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Apple cider vinegar

There is a very little study done about how apple cider vinegar helps with skin tag removal. Using the same technique as tea tree oil, people would apply the solution to skin areas except around the eyes. 

Lemon juice

If you do not have apple cider vinegar at home, you may also use lemon juice as it also contains citric acid. 


Applying crushed garlic cloves to the affected area could help. It has antimicrobial and antifungal effects. Just cover the skin with the paste overnight. Do it for two to three nights. 

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Doctors may allow the patient to cut the tag using a sharp blade or scissors, but it should not be used for medium or large skin tags. You may use it on a few millimeters to two inches in size only.