Need a few tips for growing nails longer and stronger? Check out what the experts from Probelle recommend for getting your talons in tip-top shape by reading our Q&A with Probelle Nail Hardener rep, Leon Kohn below.

So Leon, is it possible to truly grow your nails if they are naturally prone to breakage?

Nails tend to crack and chip for three reasons: aging, overuse of nail polish, or because of moist exposure. Using a nail hardener for a couple of weeks, followed by manicures is a great way to jumpstart healthy nail growth.

Are there things we do on a daily basis that can hinder nails from growing?

Dishwashing or usage of tools and heavy lifting can cause nails to break or become brittle. Constant moisture on nails also hinders the nails from growing faster. Try giving nails a break from polish too, as the chemical make-up can harm the nails and cause them to become yellow. Same goes for gel polish that can break and damage nails. Acrylics weaken the nail bed with their weight as well.

What makes Probelle effective for nail lengthening?

Probelle is an innovative professional nail polish manufacturer. We offer two products that will cure, grow, and strengthen nails in weeks. Our mission is to help users rebuild and maintain healthy nails as well as preventing dry, split, and cracked nails. The focus is the long-term health of nails. By applying our treatments users feel and observe the natural growth of their nails.

Why garlic and limes?

Vitamin C! Along with garlic, lime is a key additive to maintain hardness and growth while restoring the whiteness of the nail. With special elements extracted from garlic, not only does Probelle harden and grows the nail, it also protects against fungus too.

How best to use Probelle?

Touch N' Grow nail hardener will cure, repair, and restore nails from damage. The formula is proven to prevent and correct thin nails that are breaking and cracking by forming a protective barrier over theml. After using the nail hardener for 2-4 weeks the treatment can be continued with the nail hardener and the nails will continue to grow healthy. Continue the treatment with Touch N' Grow PLUS to maintain them so they're longer and stronger.

What natural remedies can help to promote healthier nails?

Don't bite your nails and don't cut cuticles. A safer alternative is to push cuticles back using an exfoliating and waterless treatment. Apply the product liberally to all nails where the skin meets the nail and use a cuticle pusher to gently push back. And don't peel off your nail polish. Picking away at old or chipped nail polish will aggravate the nail bed and lead to damage. Using too much lacquer causes polish to peel too. If you apply very thin coats, letting the polish dry in between each layer so that the solvents evaporate, it will wear better and last longer. Wait at least a minute or two between each coat.

Thanks Leon! Try all Probelle for $14. Visit Probelle Touch N' Grow to learn more. Guilty of any of these nail biting crimes? Let us know with a note below!