The Ronettes
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauties, The Ronettes
This week we honor classic beauties, The Ronettes. Pioneers within the music industry during the 1960's, our modern-day girl bands must give props to this legendary trio from back in the day. The Ronettes were not only one of the first girl groups, but they also represented the multicultural a...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Ann Margret
This week we honor classic beauty, Ann Margret, as our Thursday Throwback. A legendary actress, this starlet has played the gamut of Hollywood roles. Born in Sweden, Margret would come to the United States with her family after World War II, move to the West Coast with her singing group, and by 1...
Try the Trend: Retro Hair & Makeup
Ready for a throwback? No, it's not Thursday yet, but the trend towards retro makeup is in full effect, so why not try it? Who doesn't love reenacting the fabulously beautiful trends of days gone by? From the eye- popping drama of Greta Garbo during the silent film era, the understated glam of Gr...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Twiggy
This week we honor classic beauty, Twiggy, as our Throwback Thursday Still in New York Fashion Week mode, we decided to honor one of the most iconic faces of the industry to ever grace a magazine. This cutely boyish, big eyed girl from London quickly became recognized as the symbol for the swingi...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Diahann Carroll
This week, we pay homage to classic beauty, Diahann Carroll. Nominated for both and Emmy and an Academy Award, this Golden Globe winning actress has had a career that has spanned an amazing six decades. A New York native of the Bronx, Carroll is known for her star power on the silver screen, tele...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Nancy Kwan
This week, we honor classic beauty, Nancy Kwan as our Thursday Throwback. A popular actress of the mid twentieth century, Nancy Kwan's career, and gorgeous looks helped to showcase beauty's diversity. Known as the Chinese Bridgette Bardot for her dance moves, Kwan was known for her roles in popul...
Raquel Welch
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Raquel Welch
For our Throwback Thursday this week, we honor classic beauty, Raquel Welch. Dubbed one of the great beauties of all time, the Bolivian and Irish-American model/actress was launched into full-fledged stardom and iconic pin up status for her role in One Million Years BC. The image of this long-leg...


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