This week we honor classic beauties, The Ronettes.

Pioneers within the music industry during the 1960's, our modern-day girl bands must give props to this legendary trio from back in the day.

The Ronettes were not only one of the first girl groups, but they also represented the multicultural aspect of America, with two of the singers actual sisters whose mother was Native American/African-American and father was Irish, and their cousin who was African-American and Puerto Rican.

Winning a Grammy for their legendary hit "Be My Baby" and also now inducted into the Hall of Fame, the talented family trio was as famous for their iconic sixties look as they were for their music.

During their rise to fame, the Ronettes actually had to make themselves look older in order to sneak into a popular club and perform. Their mother did their makeup and the look successfully got the girls in and was the beginning to their start at fame.

Soon, the group's look would change and their famous hair and makeup would be born. The Ronettes were known for their super winged out cat eye eyeliner, along with their mile high beehive hair.

The look is said to have been inspired by women the girls saw in their neighborhood. Though sheltered, the ladies took their queue from the trendy young women around them.

The Ronettes were considered the bad girls of rock. They wore their trademark black flicked eyeliner and super teased and hair sprayed beehives wit sass and style.

"We'd look pretty wild by the time we got out onstage," Ronnie said in an interview looking back on the group's style. "And the kids loved it."

Not only did the Ronettes gain tons of fans with their look, it is also said that the late great singer Amy Winehouse drew much of the inspiration for her look from the group too.

Check out the throwback footage of the this fabulous girl group in action below and let us know what you think with a note!