This week, we pay homage to classic beauty, Diahann Carroll.

Nominated for both and Emmy and an Academy Award, this Golden Globe winning actress has had a career that has spanned an amazing six decades. A New York native of the Bronx, Carroll is known for her star power on the silver screen, television and her singing chops on Broadway. Diahann also made history as the first African-American actress to star in her own television series during the 1960's.

Diahann's beauty is as timeless as her impressive career. Her high cheekbones, stunning smile, and elegance made her a director and a photog's dream. During the height of Carroll's TV star power, the actress embodied the look sweeping beauty junkies across the nation during the 1960's.

Pale lips coupled with super dramatic eye makeup in pale pastel colors and longer than ever lashes were the trends of the day and Diahann took the look to Hollywood diva heights. Here's how to get it.

A dramatic 1960's eye makeup look is all about creating illusion. You'll want to make your eyes seems bigger, so don't be shy to shadow, shade, and coat on the color. Once you've applied your foundation and set your base makeup, apply primer to the lids, all the way up to the brow bone of eyes, blending it out.

Apply your choice shade of pastel eyeshadow from the crease of the eyelid, up to the lash line. Then go in and begin to create drama with black eyeliner, applied to the crease of the eye. Blend it out with a blending brush. Apply eyeliner to the lash line and wing it out, then coat on the mascara. For an even bolder look, paint on your bottom lashes with light stokes of liner. Keep blush light and lips pale. Now you're ready to join the makeup mod squad!

Diahann Carroll made Hollywood history and is clearly a member of our Beauty World News Hall of Fame as well. Check out the fun 1960s makeup tutorial below and let us know if your ready to try this classic throwback look in the comments below!