For our Throwback Thursday this week, we honor classic beauty, Raquel Welch.

Dubbed one of the great beauties of all time, the Bolivian and Irish-American model/actress was launched into full-fledged stardom and iconic pin up status for her role in One Million Years BC. The image of this long-legged beauty in a prehistoric, scantily clad bikini is still dropping jaws to this day and has helped to make Welch one of the reigning 1960's international sex symbols of her time.

Welch epitomizes the 1960's makeup trends of her era. Dramatic eyes with super spiked lashes turn up the volume to the max, complemented with dark eyeshadows, flawless skin, and a light lip to define Raquel's debut era onto the silver screen best. Hair was styled for big, sexy volume, with soft tresses that created the feline femme fatale image Raquel is still known for today. Wanna honor this throwback by rocking a Raquel yourself? Here's how to get it.

To achieve a 1960s makeup look, opt for press powder when creating your base. Go for a shade that has a hint of bronzer to achieve a subtle, yet glamorous glow. Choose a light color blush for cheeks, staying in the peach and pale pink palettes. Lips are kept simple too. Gone are the bold colors of lip shades from the 1950's. Choose a peach, light pink, light brown, or nude. This leaves all the drama for the eyes. Choose a pastel eye shade, eyeliner, mascara, and get ready to coat on the glam. Lashes are super accentuated with bold liner that will put all eyes on you.

Check out the fun Raquel Welch makeup tutorial featured below starring beloved beauty guru, Pixiwoo. The products used to get this look include Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Peach Color Corrector by MAC, Bobbi Brown Brow Gel, Clinique Brush-On Liner, Dior Show Iconic Mascara, High Brow by Benefit Cosmetics, MAC Painterley Paintpot, Brule, Gesso and Satin Taupe by MAC, Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer, Shu Uemura Farfalina Eyelashes, Chanel Loose Powder, Stone Lip Pencil by MAC, and Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick in Sensual Silk.

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