Emma Stone Twitter: Cryptic tweets on 'Spiderman' co-stars Andrew Garfield and Shailene Woodley.
Emma Stone sent out a cryptic message about Andrew Garfield and Shailene Woodley on her Twitter account.
Nicki Minaj Hair: All about Nicki Minaj's Firing of her Hairdresser, Stylist and Makeup Artist. Singer will also release a new fashion line. See some of Minaj's craziest looks! [PHOTOS]
All aboout why Nicki Minaj fired her trusted hairdresser, stylist and makeup artist. Here what the singer said about her new fashion line, as well.
Rihanna Twitter: Singer Explains Gun Tattoo in Elle UK Interview. Reassures fans, 'I'll Never Be a Victim'
Rihanna explains her gun tattoos and how she'll 'never be a victim.' Follow us on Twitter: @BeautyWorldNews.
Kanye West Selling Hollywood Hills Home, Kanye West Jay Z Still Cool after 'Suit and Tie,' Free music comments
Kanye West wants to free his music artistry from 'business people.' Puts Hollywood Hills house on market, prepares to move in with pregnant girlfriend Kim Kardashian.
Olivia Wilde Twitter: To Justin Bieber "Put your shirt on!"
Actress to Justin Bieber on Twitter: "Bieber, put your f**king shirt on. (unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which case my condolences and please purchase a new shirt.)"
Jennifer Aniston Makeup: Aniston's Beauty Secrets, Routine, Products and Tips. Ready to 'Normalize and Nest' with fiancee Justin Theroux
Jennifer Aniston's makeup artist, Angela Lavin, lets you in on the actress' beauty secrets, routine, products and tips.
Winning Charlie Sheen: Lindsay Lohan 'Needs a Mentor.' Lindsay Lohan Twitter: "May Only Good Things Come this Year."
Charlie Sheen wants to 'mentor' Lindsay Lohan by offering her his 'winning' ways. Lohan's Twitter wish doesn't seem to be coming true.
Jamie Lynn Spears Twitter: Engaged to Jamie Watson, See Britney's Baby Sister's Wedding Ring
Britney Spears' baby sister, 21-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears, is engaged to 30-year-old boyfriend Jamie Watson.
Sam Fine Fashion Line: Famed Makeup Artist launches own makeup line: Sam Fine For Fashion Fair Supreme Color Collection
Sam Fine, who has worked Beyoncé, Naomi Campbell, Iman, Tyra Banks and Jennifer Hudson, has launched his namesake makeup line, Sam Fine For Fashion Fair Supreme Color Collection.
Texting While Driving? Nevada Assemblyman to ban Texting While Walking
'Don't text and walk' says Nevada Assemblyman. 'Oblivious' pedestrians as unsafe as those who text while driving?
Kate Upton Cat Daddy: Bikini just 'Seems like It Fits Better.' SI Swimwear Model Talks Swimsuit Preference, Antartica in Interview [VIDEO]
Kate Upton, Sports Illustrated's second consecutive swimwear cover model and 'Cat Daddy' dancing sensation, talks about why she prefers string binkins and why shooting in Antartica was unchartered territory.
Fashion Police Joan Rivers: Seal's Ex Heidi Klum Pics deserve 'No Apologies.' Tells all to 'lighten up' after Holocaust joke. Heidi Klum body joke shocks.
Joan Rivers shocks with "oven" joke about Holocaust. Referencing Heidi Klum's knockout look for Oscars party, Rivers claims she brought awareness to the Holocaust and tells those who disagree to "learn what comedy's about."
Bonnie Franklin Dies, Sitcom Television Actress with Pancreatic Cancer passes at 69. Sitcom of the 80s star from 'One Day At a Time' Photos
Sitcom tv actress passes away from pancreatic cancer at 69. 80s star helped changed the game with "One Day At a Time."
Serena Williams Twitter: Serena Tiger Woods Photo Makes Security Angry at Honda Classic 2013. Watch Serena Take the Photos [VIDEO [LIVE LINK]
Serena Williams got rejected by Honda Classic security who saw her taking a photo she later posted on Twitter of Tiger Woods.
Jay Leno Jimmy Fallon: Tonight Jay Leno Retirement Imminent, with Jimmy Fallon Late Show time bringing younger crowd. SNL, History of Rap, Justin Timberlake Fallon a hit with kids [VIDEO]
Jay Leno to be replaced by Jimmy Fallon, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Fallon's Late Show would improve ratings against ABC, bring a younger crowd to time slot. Watch Fallon perform with Michelle Obama on "Evolution of Mom Dancing" and Justin Timberlake on history of rap skits. [VIDEOS]
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