Olivia Wilde is the latest celebrity to lash out at Justin Bieber for being a little too much of a 'baby.' Bieber, who recently posted a 'worst birthday ever' tweet, was snapped by paparazzi strolling down the cold London streets shirtless with sagging pants. Unlike his drooling 'beliebers,' Wilde was the least bit impressed by Bieber's antics, and took to Twitter to vent. 

"Bieber, put your f**king shirt on. (unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which case my condolences and please purchase a new shirt.)" —Olivia Wilde.

While I certainly enjoyed the comedic flair from Wilde at the end of her plea, unsurpringsly, Bieber's beloved fans were there to save the day for the shirtless boy wonder. The actress retweeted one particular favorite, which read  "r u a lesbian or r u too old (sic)."

Ah, too be young and stupid. 

This all comes a few days after Bieber's 19th birthday, where the singer spent time in London with friend Jaden Smith and rumored 17-year-old girlfriend Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke.

According to E! News, Justin's circus-inspired birthday at Cirque du Soir in London didn't really go as well as he had planned. Apparently, Justin's crew didn't get any love from the party's security and the singer and his group were asked to leave. Why, do you ask? Well, as the UK's Daily Mail reported, Bieber's rumored 17-year-old girlfriend Ella-Paige Roberts Clark and 14-year-old friend Jaden Smith didn't meet the legal drinking age of 18 at the club and denied entry and left within minutes of arriving. Money won't buy you a spot to sip some gin, Bieber—even in the UK. The venue's spokesperson explained to the Daily Mail exactly why.

"We, like all clubs in London, operate a strict age policy. As a few of the members of the party were under the suitable age of 18, the security team at Cirque Du Soir, London, clearly explained this rule and refused entry to the club for anyone who could not provide us with adequate proof of age.'

'Justin Bieber visits Cirque Du Soir regularly, and he and his friends are always welcome, as long the members of the group are legally old enough to enter the club. This was simply a matter of regulation that we must adhere to.'