Nicki Minaj Hair: All about Nicki Minaj's Firing of her Hairdresser, Stylist and Makeup Artist. Singer will also release a new fashion line. See some of Minaj's craziest looks! [PHOTOS]


Nicki Minaj just wants to be taken seriously. The singer recently fired her hairdresser, stylist and makeup artist all in an effort to change her look so that she can produce a new hip hop album, according to The Sun.

"She's fired her long-standing hairdresser who has been responsible for some of her crazy hairstyles over the years. She's also fired her stylist. Nicki feels that now she's done with 'American Idol' she can finally be takens seriously and release a proper hip-hop album."

While part of Minaj's fame is with her outrageous outfits and wild wigs, the rapper/singer is done with that look. "Nicki is desperate to be taken seriously as an artist," a source told The Sun.

Though it might shock you, the "Beauty and the Beat" artist is already on her way to changing to a more natural look. Minaj recently stepped out with flesh-tone lipstick, faint flush and a simple haircut, albeit with some crazy false eyelashes and platinum extensions, and looked as good as ever. 

See Nicki Minaj's new look here! (via Glamour)

The 'American Idol' host is releasing a new fashion line, as well. The Nicki Minaj Colleciton will be available through KMart and, an interactive shopping site that, as Nicki said in a recent interview while out in Hollywood, is 'very personable.'   

"It's very important that I'm not just slapping my name on something. It's important that my fans are going to know that if Nicki is putting it in her line, then Nicki is going to be wearing it. That's why on we are creating catalogs, and I get to see what my fans like, and say 'Hey I like that too.' Right now it's very real time, it's very personable. I want to create looks like these [dresses]. I have been doing a lot of dresses lately, and I feel more confident when I wear dresses. It doesn't have to be super over the top sexy. Some of the dresses that I have been doing lately have been completely covered like sweater dresses and my fans have really responded to it. My fans are like 'Hey Nicki, we want the crazy leggings' and stuff like that but we also want to have things that we can wear whether we are going to work or whatever. I'm really focused on the dresses! I've been feeling so romantic and sexy lately." 

Take a look at Nicki Minaj's hairstyle evolution below!

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