Kate Upton Cat Daddy: Bikini just 'Seems like It Fits Better.' SI Swimwear Model Talks Swimsuit Preference, Antartica in Interview [VIDEO]


Kate Upton, of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover and Cat Daddy fame, knows what she looks good in—but wants all to know what she feels most comfortable in.

In an interview with The Thread, Upton explained why she would rather hit the beach in a bikini than anything else.

"I think finding clothes is a challenge because of my body," Upton said, adding, "you just need to aware of that and find something that works on curvy women. I prefer string bikinis, just seems like it fits better. I think going a little bit smaller is better because it offers you more support."

Sounds like a swimwear preference most guys can agree with her on.

The 20-year-old also discussed what it was like to shoot her second consecutive Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover shoot in Antartica—far from the sunny beaches SI swimwear models usually pose on.

"When I went to Antarctica, it was a pretty crazy shoot because usually it's like bikini, warm weather," Upton said to The Thread. "It was about fifteen to twenty degrees, and with the wind chill it made it feel like 1 degree. No other fashion magazine has ever been there or shot there so no one knew what to expect." 

Watch Kate Upton's interview here! 

Upton, who has been rumored to be dating Detriot Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, said in an interview on Valentine's Day that she is actually "single."

When asked recently by Fox News if she spent the New Years celebration with Verlander in Saint Thomas, Upton responded, "actually, I'm single right now, so I spent my holiday in Melbourne, Fla." 

Either Upton is incredibly private about her relationships or the Michigan native is really single. One thing we do know—don't take her to Antartica if you're looking at travel destinations for a romantic trip. 

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