Emma Stone rarely posts on her Twitter account, but apparently when she does, she still doesn't want you to know what she's thinking. 

The 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' actress recently posted the message "nawder nad islasehne tsintgi ni a erte," on her Twitter page.

What, now? 

Apparently the now-deleted tweet, decoded by the fine minds at Perez Hilton, says "Andrew and Shailene sitting in a tree."

'Amazing Spider-Man' co-stars Shailene Woodley, who plays Mary Jane Watson, and Andrew Garfield, or Spiderman, are either getting extra familiar on the set, or Stone is merely giving out cryptic hints at a potential love triangle in the upcoming 'Spiderman' movie. Talk about a good way to get press!

Stone, Woodley and Garfield will complete a new dilemma in the Spidey franchise, as Stone's character was not a part of previous 'Spiderman' flicks that cast roles of Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker. As for Woodley, the former ABC Family actress is in for a whole lot of competition with her new role as Watson. As if competing with Parker's past-lover (Stone) wasn't enough, Woodley will also face comparisons to Kirsten Dunst, who last played the role of Mary Jane Watson nearly a decade ago.

The rumored love web in "Spiderman 2" might be a tough one for Spidey to find his way out of. Also cast in the film and rumored to be playing the mesmerizing villain Black Cat is actress Felicity Jones. I guess those are the kinds of problems you get tangled in when you're a young superhero living in New York City.

Despite her competition for screen time with Garfield, the role should be a defining one for Woodley—who got her start in the 2011 Oscar-winning film, "The Descendants," which starred George Clooney. She previously spent five years on the ABC Family show, "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," which she recently left. As she told US Weekly, the ending "was bittersweet," but that "it's also great to be moving on, to be moving forward onto other things." 

What do you think of Stone's cryptic Twitter message for 'Spideman' fans? Will Stone and Woodley be in serious competition for Spidey's heart? Let us in on your feelings!